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The Obama Whackos are going Nuttier!

Tea Party Patriots were peacefully exercising their right of free speech in Hauppauge, Long Island, when they were treated to the presence of a full blown Obama nut on the loose!

He made it a point to try and snap pictures of the faces of every patriot there while mouthing off obscenities.

Tea Party Derangement Syndrome!

The lefties are literally ready to start clawing their own eyes out in frustration as the great people of this nation are standing up in opposition to the socialization of our nation.  They can’t control themselves from attempting to confront us at every turn.  TPDS the new paranoia!

Actually, these appear to be happening too often and in too many places to be purely coincidental.  Perhaps they’re just following orders to get in our faces!

Jeez!  Now they’re biting off fingers!

Video courtesy of  Project Shining City

More video courtesy of NuMag1:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Remember all those lies from the socialists trying to force Obamacare down our throats that illegal aliens would not be covered?


Well guess who just spilled the beans!

The Congressional Research Service states in an 11 page analysis, “Treatment of Non-Citizens in HR3200″,  of HR3200 that there is no language or mechanism in the proposed bill that would exclude illegal aliens from obtaining subsidized healthcare from the government.

We all know that the

House Democrats defeated all attempts in committee to add an enforcement mechanism that would require proof of citizenship or legal residence for those getting subsidies.

Oh, and isn’t La Raza one of the groups backing nationalized healthcare?

They think we’re fools.

Land of the Free Lunch

Hat Tip:  Hot Air

Glenn Beck had one of our favorite OIF veterans, David Bellavia, author of House to House, and David Spalding, of the Heritage Foundation, on his show last night to talk about Obama’s Civilian National Security Force.

Must see video!

Makes the People’s Cube seem prescient!

Hat Tip:  This Ain’t Hell

NY Congressman Tim Bishop tried to pack his town hall with unions on the ‘take’ for nationalized healthcare.

The people of his district erupt in open rebellion when one of the union goons tries to speak!

Union members, many from outside the district,  were snuck into the hall beforehand in an effort to stack the deck with a friendly audience.

The last straw came when one of the union leaders from outside the district was asked to speak.  The citizens erupted in open revolt which almost led to violence from the union goons.

Union Thug

The sheer weight of public outcry overcame the feeble union efforts, however, and the citizens won the day.

Another video of the show down is here. (Thanks, Gateway Pundit!)

Paul writes:

The most disturbing part was seeing the people with professionally preprinted signs from organizations that favored the bill. You knew they were from union and liberal organizations. They reminded me of puppets on a string. They don’t really know what it is all about, they were just told to be there!

Of course the Unions have ten billion reasons to support Obamacare even though they are exempted from the plan.

Outside, Tea Party Patriots ruled!


Some short videos from outside:

Newsday has a report here.

Heh, I didn’t know earlier that Newsday put the story on their front page!  Tim Bishop has got to have had a fit when he saw this!  The negatives just keep growing!


News12 Long Island has a report here.

New York Magazine talks about a child’s question here.

The AFL/CIO has published an email that the shunned Union leader, John Durzo sent to the members of his local union afterwards!

Last night I, along with many of our staff, attended a town hall meeting in Brookhaven hosted by Congressman Tim Bishop. There were 800 people inside and 500 people outside—quite a turnout. As most of you have seen or read, it is a hot topic and one that brings out strong feelings on both sides

What truly troubles me is the lack of manners, the hatred and the misinformation that was spread on this subject. There was at least one shoving match, a near fight and because I did not live in the district and let that be known. I was shouted down, quite a disruption developed and Tim (on a first name basis, eh, John?) had to ask me to yield the floor. One guy wanted to fight, to which I asked him to step up but he chose not to join me at the microphone. It was quite a night; very interesting.

OK, so why am I telling all of you this story? Well, I think it is interesting, but it underscores why we need to be involved in the political process, these people who were screaming and carrying on did not want to talk. They wanted to disrupt. They were told the truth (according to the bible of the AFL/CIO) and still refused to listen. They were shown the passages in the bill and it showed them that their information was wrong and still they would not listen.  (Perhaps because you’re lying through your teeth, John, or, more charitably, you’re thicker than a brick)

What John forgets to mention is that the AFL/CIO has that $10 Billion dollar present coming to it if they succeed in getting this bill passed.  He is not a disinterested altruistic observer, he’s a money grubbing political hack willing to sell his mother down the river to get the cash.

More pictures from outside the hall are here.

More video and updates coming.

Here’s a look at one of Tim Bishop’s last Town Hall meetings.

Last time Tim Bishop tried to use Unions as cover was at SEIU headquarters.

Tea Party Patriots gathered outside the office of Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy in Garden City today to express their concerns about the proposed Healthcare Bill in Congress.


The Congresswoman is still among the missing, however, and intrepid patriots who tried to find her in her office were doomed to failure.

And her staffer was clueless as to the content and impact of the bill!

But the traffic outside was extremely supportive of our efforts!

Some Pics:






More pictures are here.

Newsday has a brief writeup here.

Tea Party Patriots staged a Town Hall for Congressman Gary Ackerman, who has been studiously avoiding any exposure to his constituents during the summer recess,  and, as one might expect, the Congressman failed to appear!

Luckily, Dr. Betsy McCaughey was on hand to do the explaining about the Healthcare Bill that the Congressman wouldn’t.

A crowd of about two hundred or so of the Congressman’s constituents were able to ask the questions that were most on their minds of someone who has actually read the bill!  What a novel idea!  I wonder if it will ever catch on?

Among the crowd were several politicans, both Republican and Democrat, who were interested in learning more about the bill:

The amazing thing was these politicians didn’t feel threatened to mingle with what the socialists at the DNC have called a ‘mob’.

Video courtesy of Project Shining City.

For ten more excellent videos by Long Island Alternative Media go here!

NY1 has a report up here.

I already had my say on the Death of Senator Kennedy.

Pelosi Nationalized Healthcare

Now Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are trying to use his memory as an excuse to push their nationalization of healthcare through Congress.

Faux Sentimentality.

More at Michelle Malkin.

Three Beers Later has a roundup of Sen. Kennedy’s less distinguished moments.  A must read!

Heh, Did you think they were doing it because they were all altruistic?

Sweeny Wanted 2

It turns out that buried in HR3200 on Page 65 Section 164 is the payoff:

where unions are to receive a $10 billion dollar infusion of taxpayer’s money to supplement their failing plans through a program called the “reinsurance plan.”

Read the whole thing here.

So, next time you face the union thugs be sure to remind them that they are on the ‘take’ and they should stop stealing our money!

More at the Lonely Conservative.

All that money can buy a lot of this!

And what better way for the unions to pay back this imperial largesse than to protect the politicians who could make it happen?

But heck, since the Obama administration is bailing out everyone these days, including Convicts, Who are we to complain?

Labor Pains has more on the Union Bailout here and here.  They report that the United Auto Workers are openly admitting the bailout exists.

It was after Pearl Harbor, after Midway, after many thousands of our American G.I.’s were killed in desperate battles with the Shintoist Japanese when President Franklin D. Roosevelt went on the radio and issued his heartfelt praise for Japan’s Shinto religion.


To his American audience, in his celebratory message for Japan’s Shinto religious practices, President Roosevelt issued the following line:

These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Shinto’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.

The outrage in America was deafening. No one could deny that there were millions of Shintoists that never raised a finger against the U.S., but the leaders of the war effort were all Shintoists and their religious leaders used the creed as a basis to attack us. Worse, as Americans were dying at the hands of Shintoists, the anger in the nation was…

Read the whole thing here!

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This is rocket science?

obama debt

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