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Shades of Emperor Nero!

Barack Obama is off for a week long vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts island where billionaire bankers like to get away, while the economy continues to suffer blows in the latest economic news.

But before he flew out of sight the White House, in what is becoming their normal Friday afternoon release of bad news, announced that his federal deficit projection over the next 10 years was raised by $2 Trillion Dollars!

It’s fitting that residents are planning a Dog Parade during his visit as they certainly have one on their hands!

Kerry Scott announces plans for an Aug 23 Dog Parade welcoming Bo to Martha’s Vineyard

As RightPundits says:

Frankly, there are no shortage of people who would love a vacation like the Obama’s are preparing to have — rubbing shoulders with the very rich and famous in our country. But going to stable, prosperous, exclusive Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod when so much of the country is suffering high unemployment and financial stress, only serves to emphasize a tone deaf, excessive, and unsympathetic life-style by the Obama Administration. Can you imagine what the benefit of spending brought by the presidential entourage would have on, say, an economically hurting city in Michigan? They have golf courses there too.

But the reality is that the Obamas like a good time… on our dime. They have no plans to go slumming. The Obama’s Vacation at Blue Heron Farm, Martha’s Vineyard, promises to be very lovely and very, very expensive.

While Hurricane Bill looks like it will spare Martha’s Vineyard a visit, will the economic storm rock Obama’s boat?