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If our representatives and media cannot talk about Town Hall meeting encounters without spreading vicious lies about their constituents, then how can they expect Americans to trust anything they say about Healthcare, Cap and Trade, Stimulus spending or any other subject?


Bus-ted… The AP Smears Anti-Obamacare Protesters– Says They Were Bussed In to Meetings

Nancy Pelosi: I See Swastikas From My Bunker! Updated 8/12/9 WhiteHouse Lies!

Barbara Boxer: I See Well Dressed People From My Ivory Tower

Geraldo Loses It… Compares Tea Party Protesters to Violent Brooks Brothers Mob Who Stole Election for Bush (Video)

Of Course. Obama Busses in Supporters at Grand Junction Rally Too

Vilification of Ordinary American Citizens like Katy Abram:

One of the many factors contributing to skyrocketing healthcare costs is the failure of our government to deal in any meaningful and effective with with the issue of illegal immigration while at the same time mandating that our medical providers MUST provide services that will NOT be reimbursed.  So, who ends up footing the bill?  Thank you, Gringos!

Michelle Malkin has a report from the Nevada University Medical Center here.

In the new Obamacare world, healthcare will be available for all residents. Not Citizens, Residents.  Spread the Wealth around, Baby!


If you enter this country illegally the only thing you should be entitled too is a train trip back home.

Lloyd Marcus, who has appeared at many Gathering of Eagles and Tea Party events, has a new song out addressing the 2010 elections!

New York has a problem with its elected representatives.  Many of them are so far to the left politically that they view their constituents as right wing nut jobs.  So they avoid Town Hall meetings and shun any opportunity to meet with voters unless it is a carefully cherry picked group of like minded “progressives”.

Eric Massa (D-NY CD 29) says flat out that he will vote against the interests of his constituents.  Someone tries to moderate his comment to “against the opinions” but the original comment by Massa was what he said and what he meant.

Massa’s comments in this video also demonstrate clearly that the Tea Party to Town Hall strategy is working.  He states that every time Town Hall protests are aired their side loses 3 million Americans! I am quite certain that he has seen the poll numbers to prove that!

Pachyderm Points has more here.

In case anyone doubts his commitment to a single payer (Nationalized Healthcare) system just view this: