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Gathering of Eagles
Action Alert

Right on the heels of Columbia University offering a podium for the rantings of the Iranian President, another New York University is giving voice to someone who should be serving hard time in jail.

Hofstra University Law School on Long Island has invited Lynne Stewart as one of the panelists for their “Legal Ethics: Lawyering at the Edge, unpopular clients, difficult cases, zealous advocates” seminar on October 14-16th.

Lynne Stewart is the traitor who was convicted on charges of conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists. She was sentenced to a whopping 28 months in prison which was then commuted due to her ‘health’ condition. Since then she has made a miraculous recovery and has been running around making appearances, giving lectures and taking part in radical anti-American events with a zeal and energy that is astounding for such a ‘frail’ woman.

Lynne Stewart was an attorney here in New York until her conviction caused her immediate disbarment.

Her actions may have played a role in the attacks on 9/11. She conspired with and aided and abetted the transfer or information from her client Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the convicted mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, and his followers.

Government investigators searching Stewart’s law offices found a draft of the sheikh’s fatwa that bin Laden later said inspired him. In it, Abdel Rahman enjoined his fellow Muslims everywhere to kill Americans, even children, “to treat them with brutality,” and to “drown their ships, shoot down their airplanes, kill them on earth, in the sea or in the sky, kill them everywhere you find them” in order to obtain his release from U.S. prison.

Call, fax or email Hofstra University demanding that this traitor not be allowed to spew her sedition to their law students.

Nora V. Demleitner
Interim Dean
Phone: (516) 463-6190
Fax: (516) 463-6091

Dawn Marzella
Director of Special Projects
Phone: (516) 463-6889
Fax: (516) 463-6091

Lisa H. Berman
External Relations
Phone: (516) 463-4673



Have you read anywhere in the media about the Move America Forward cross-country caravan to Washington DC? Have you read about the Gathering of Eagles staging a massive Support Our Troops rally in Washington, DC, to counter the ANSWER fanatics who want to impose their “Surrender Now!” agenda on the American Military through a massive demonstration in the streets of Washington to pressure weak willed congressmen to reject General Petreaus’ report on Iraq before it is even delivered? No? I thought not. Here are links to some positive reporting for you.

Two great articles from our friend and supporter Judi McCloud of the Canada Free Press! Isn’t it a shame that you need to go to a Canadian newspaper to get accurate and fair reporting on the Gathering of Eagles, Move America Forward, and our missions from last March and September 15th? Outside of Michelle Malkin and a few other conservative commentators you will hear precious little from the Main Stream Media about us and then mostly couched in terms like pro-war or fascist or some other garbage from the left wing playbook.

So for a breath of fresh air read:

Here is Michelle Malkin’s excellent OpEd from August 29th:

Make your reservations now for travel to Washington, DC, on September 15th. Plan on being there before 9:00 am and staying through at least 5 pm.

If you are coming from NY State, NYC or Long Island and wish to make a reservation on one of our buses email me as soon as possible with your location and the number of seats you need.

To visit our Gathering of Eagles forums on our website go to:

Our troops give up years of their lives to protect our country. All too often they give up more. Can we not give up a day or two of our lives to demonstrate our support for them and their mission? Can we leave the radical communist and jihadi agitators to control the field of public opinion? I think not. Not and be able to sleep at night knowing that we shirked our moment to stand up against the tide of left wing lunacy that is trying desperately to force a surrender on our country. Not and be able to visit a Vietnam memorial and know we did not stand against the hordes of dupes funded by the likes of George Soros and Jane Fonda who have no idea what our retreat from Vietnam cost the vietnamese people and did to the honor of our fallen brothers and sisters in arms.

Where will YOU be on September 15th?

Enjoying the fruits of freedom and liberty which our veterans fought and died to provide you? Or standing firm in Washington to protect them for our children and grandchildren?

Only you can decide.

I’ll be standing with our veterans and patriots in Washington, DC.

Dan Maloney


We are running two buses to Washington, DC, on Friday night/Saturday morning.  If you need to reserve a seat on either bus please email me at
Hudson Valley Bus  $80/seat 56 seats Restroom
Albany at Midnight, Friday Night
Newburgh at 0200am
Nanuet or Suffern at 0330am
It may stop at Edison, NJ, departing at 4:30am

Long Island/NYC Bus  $80/seat 56 seats Restroom
Departure Times are estimates
Suffolk County 2300 Friday Night (11:00pm)
Nassau County at Midnight, Friday Night
Queens at 0100
NYC at 0200
Brooklyn at 0300
Staten Island at 0400

Both buses will depart Washington for the return trip at 5:00pm

The price per seat is my best estimate at this time.  If the expense come in lower than my estimates each passenger will receive a refund.

Dan Maloney

There comes a time for each generation when it must take a stand regardless of the odds or obstacles to defend and support its beliefs against all enemies.  There comes a moment when resolve and determination are challenged.  There comes a crux in history when a few good men can make the difference between victory and surrender.

For us that time has come.  There can be no going back.  There can be no do overs.  You have shown your resolve in the past.  It is time to show it in the present.

On Saturday, September 15th, in Washington, DC, all the forces that are actively attempting to defeat America will be present in their effort to force a surrender upon the United States Military.  A surrender that is unwarranted by any objective analysis of the military situation in the Middle East.  A surrender that would endanger every American in the near future, your families, your friends, your neighbors.

We have the power in our hands to prevent this.  We have the power to stare down, shout down and shut down the nihilist forces of the left.  We have the power to fight the insurgency at home as our servicemen and women are fighting the insurgency abroad.

Where will you be when the tides of history meet?  What are you willing to sacrifice to ensure victory?  With whom will you stand on this judgement day?  I, for one, will be standing with our fellow Eagles on the streets of Washington.  I will do this just as I did on March 17th when so many of us answered the call to defend our memorials.  There is no greater memorial than the United States, that which all our brave heroes gave their lives for.  I will not allow the enemies of our country to destroy it.

I hope you will join us.

Dan Maloney
New York State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles