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Nancy Pelosi, the most despised member of Congress, ever, whose popularity ratings are second only to Jeffrey Dalmer, has issued such a blatant lie that it deserves to be smacked down immediately with extreme prejudice.  Nancy, dear, this is what we think of you:


Ms. Speaker, you are a liar, a fool and a moron wrapped up in a single package.

I suppose in your botox induced fantasies you might just glimpse a swastika while you are ensconsed in your bunker.  Or perhaps when you are flying at 30,000 feet in a luxury jet that we paid for.  But most likely they are being worn by your own people.  The Nazis, after all, were fellow socialists just like your friends and cronies.

What you will see if and when you ever dare set foot outside your socialist cocoon and meet some Tea Party Patriots are the Red, White and Blue of Old Glory and the Yellow and Green of the Gadsden Flag.  But then you wouldn’t know what they are, would you?

Here’s the video at Real Clear Politics.

Photo Credit: Bob Jagendorf

Pamela Geller pitches in on her latest vlog!

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Pelosi Leftist Lies and the Pimps That Spread Them.

Updated 8/9/9

Pelosi Pals used Swastikas

Updated 8/12/9

White House Doubles Down on the Lies!

You know they’re Hurting when they start attacking the grassroots American Tea Party movement by calling them a MOB!

The Poster Boy for the Democrat Party:

I Say Obey

Versus the Poster Girl for the Tea Party Patriots:

Little Patriot

Which side do you think really cares about the children?

2010: The Correction!

Get Out There and Teabag the Socialists!
Images from Libertyboys.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

Update:  Michelle has the goods on a Webcast we can mob!

And warns that Obama is calling out his troops!


New DNC ad: Mobs of right-wing lunatics want to feast on your flesh