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This is a list of media and blog reports on the Tax Day Tea Party events throughout New York.

Go here for coverage of the Tea Party Express.

Check back as this list will be updated with more links to pictures, video and media reports as they become available.

Albany April 17th


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Lake Carmel

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Middletown April 17th

New City

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Here’s an excellent video of the New York event by Project Shining City:


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Penn Yan
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Port Jervis


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Syracuse Blog Blog

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All through 2009 and into 2010 they have turned out.  Streams of Patriots from small towns and hamlets in the dozens, hundreds, thousands and eventually millions on 9-12 to take our country back.  This year the Tax Day Tea Party is sweeping New York State once again.

Updated 4/15/10 – Lets get out there and Party!

This map is a  listing of the Tax Day Tea Party events we know of:

Click on the map to access the Google Map with specifics on each location including those added after this image was taken.

There are three Tea Party Express Stops (Red) in New York State this year, Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany on April 12th and 13th.

Green markers indicate events on April 15th.

Blue markers indicate events on Saturday April 17th.

Many more will take place in smaller locations throughout the state.  If we get word of them beforehand we will post their information on the map.

Come out and join your fellow patriots and start our March to November!

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In a stunning display of radical leftist ideology, Barack Obama has decided that the United States will no longer hold the threat of nuclear annihilation over the heads of anyone who decides to attack the United States with chemical, biological and in some cases nuclear weapons.

Essentially he has unilaterally decided that it is OK to put New York in the crosshairs of state sponsored terrorists.

Of course he is not a New Yorker.  He did not witness almost three thousand of our fellow citizens brutally murdered in a surprise attack on a beautiful September morning.  He did not know any of the 343 firefighters who sacrificed their lives in an attempt to save others.  He did not know any of the police or medical workers who died trying to do the same.  For him, that was a man caused contingency.  For us it was War.

Now, by pursuing this  ‘strategy’, Obama is opening the door to new attacks with all manner of weapons of mass destruction by state sponsored terrorists, without fear of the ultimate penalty.

It must be nice to live in a mental fantasy world in which there are no enemies who wish to kill your citizens and their families.  A world in which everything is Unicorns and Rainbows.  Most people who live in such worlds are confined to institutions.  We have one sitting in the oval office.

More here and here.

Erstwhile Conservative Icon Sean Hannity managed to screw a true hero in March.

UPDATE: Lt. Col. Labate asks for a cease fire on Sean Hannity!

Meet Lt. Col. Stephen Labate, U.S. Army Reserves, Iraq War Veteran and candidate for congress in New York’s 2nd Congressional District.

Labate, a staunch conservative, was the front runner, with strong Tea Party support, for the Republican nomination when Hannity stuck his foot into the middle of the process to suggest that his friend, John Gomez, would make an ideal candidate for that district.

Hannity admits that he had no idea of the situation on the ground or who was running before getting involved.  In effect he made a mockery of the title of his new book “Conservative Victory”.

The feckless Republican leaders, with visions of Sean Hannity fundraisers dancing in their heads, decided that they would select Hannity’s friend as their nominee.  Now the district is going to be convulsed with a needless primary because of Sean’s vanity.

We call upon other veterans to boycott any book signing appearances with Sean ‘Vanity’ Hannity for his disregard of the Tea Party Movement and his blind blundering into the affairs of his own congressional district.

While you’re at it, why not participate in the MoneyBomb for Lt. Col. LaBate!

More Hannity Shenanigans here.