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There is no doubt now that the Tea Party movement has risen from the grassroots and has spread and energized patriotic Americans on a scale not seen since September 11th.  The mainstream media refuses to publicize the overwhelming numbers and size of these events so we need to spread the word ourselves.  How better than a carnival of Tea Parties?

Here are a few recent videos of Tea Parties from near and far.

Columbus, Ohio

Troy, Michigan

Western Michigan

Raleigh, North Carolina

Austin, Texas

Fort Collins, Colorado

Long Island, New York

Indianapolis, Indiana

And Gateway Pundit has some photos up from

Bristol, Virginia

Bristol VA Tea Party

Bristol, Virginia

From time to time we will add updates in posts like this to get the word out that a revolution is brewing all across the land!

Citizen Times

Previously we reported on the ethics violations at the Asheville Citizen-Times uncovered by the Asheville Tea Party.

At last writing a meeting was to take place with the President and Publisher of the newspaper.

It will come as no surprise that meeting was cancelled over objections that it would be videotaped.

Transparency in Media?  Perish the thought!

Hat Tip:  Instapundit

This is certainly disturbing news.

obama caravan guns drawn

Reports from Tea Party protesters in Bristol, Virginia, report that the presidential motorcade escorting Barack Obama to a town hall style meeting included an SUV of Secret Service agents with windows open and weapons leveled at the protesters on the street.

The enlarged segment of a photograph, posted on Gateway Pundit, is inconclusive, but eyewitnesses, many who called a local talk radio show, all seem to have witnessed the same thing.

One commenter at the blog Somebody Needs to Say It writes that the Virginia State Police, providing roadside security were not ‘pleased’ to have a gun pointed at their backs.

Yes we did have a M4 pointed at us. The VA State police where not pleased either to have a gun pointed at their backs. I have never been at a motorcade where the one suv filled with some special op or something had all the windows down showing the arsenal either.
The car with the M4 was 17 card back from Obama’s Limo way to far back to have prevented anything.

Knowing the professionalism of the Secret Service, and having been exposed to their procedures, I immediately questioned if this was the same organization that I have seen in the past.  Or is this something new?

Perhaps this is the first sighting of the Obama Corps.  Only time will tell.


Commenters on Gateway Pundit say that this is standard operating procedure for Presidential motorcades, that this vehicle is the Combat Assault Team (CAT) which is NOT part of the personal protection team which many of us are familiar with.  Even so, some mention that they have never heard of them pointing their weapons at civilians.

**2nd Update**

Video of the motorcade.  It appears the vehicle in question was NOT an SUV.

Breda Writes:

Obama rolls by in his limo about 40 seconds into the video and at about 1:38, a dark sedan passes the camera, back window rolled down. You can hear some people in the crowd begin to exclaim after they realize there was an agent in the back seat pointing a rifle at them. This is vastly different than the standard image of a member of the U.S. Secret Service Counter Assault Team in the back of a motorcade SUV.

Hat Tip:  The Breda Fallacy

Our friend and compatriot, Bubba, has more video here.

Dr. Betsy McCaughey joined the Tea Party Patriots who swarmed Hicksville today!


The former Lt. Governor of New York State, and founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, brought a huge binder which contained only half the Obamacare bill which would effectively destroy private healthcare in New York.  She gave a great speech outlining just some of the provisions in the bill that will sideline healthcare for seniors and gut many services for those with chronic ailments such as dementia.

All of Dr. McCaughey’s writings about the proposed Nationalization of our Healthcare system can be found here.

Hundreds turned out for the Tea Party and passing motorists overwhelmingly responded favorably to the Tea Party message!

Some of the groups represented include; Individuals United for Freedom, Conservative Society for Action, Gathering of Eagles, Campaign for Liberty, 912 Groups, Long Island Tea Party Coalition, Rockville Centre Tea Party, etc…

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We’ve all heard the vacuous talking heads of the Main Stream Media expounding endlessly on the ethics violations probes that have been launched over the past several months against former Governor Sarah Palin.


Naked Emperor News did some investigative journalism (You know: the work main stream media ‘journalists’ won’t do) and discovered shocking evidence that the bogus ethics violations were all coming out of a small interconnected group of left wing activists being orchestrated from the White House office of Peter Rouse, Senior Advisor to the President.

The video “Ethicsgate” was produced which detailed the interconnections and used audio of radio interviews with the perpetrators to show the fallacy of their non-connectedness.  One of the left wing bloggers lodged a copyright complaint with Youtube and forced the removal of the video expose.  Read the pink bar at the top.  It says:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright violation claim by Jeanne Devon

Jeanne Devon, aka Mudflats, was one person exposed in the video as being part of the conspiracy.

Next the video was loaded on the website Sevenload.  And now that copy has been removed as well.

Photo/video is not available

Luckily a copy still exists out there on yet a third site:

Hurry and view it now before it is scrubbed again by the Obama machine.

The lack of investigation by the main stream media makes them complicit in these actions.

Liberty Boys has a writeup on the Obama Justice Department whitewashing voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party.

Here’s the original video from Philadelphia.

Taken in conjunction with the $8.5 billion that has been alloted to ACORN (the voter fraud people) we can envision a brave new world of election fraud, voter intimidation, and, eventually, the destruction of the Constitution of the United States.

Update (8/20/09):

The Hicks File at Pajamas TV has more!

Tea Party Patriots in Raleigh, North Carolina torned out en masse to show President Obama what the real grassroots think of his bid to socialize the healthcare system of the United States.

Randy writes:

Interesting day at President Obama’s Town Hall meeting at Broughton High, but first just let me say ”We kicked the liberals’ asses in numbers, debate and behavior.  Found it interesting how they send a agitator into our conservative groups.  Then they say something really stupid or insulting, trying to get you angry and have cameras ready to get it on film.  It was so obvious, we all started laughing and ignoring them.  Then they started to get right in your face and asking bait questions.   One of them kept asking what my age was?  It really wasn’t none of their business, so I didn’t respond, got no time for those childish games.  They were picking on a Vietnam vet next to me who was having a cigarette and yelling at him for smoking and using VA dollars to treat him.  They set him off a little, but the conversation ended with this girl maybe in her early 20’s stating that she hoped he died of lung cancer.

Nice people these Socialists.

Read the whole thing with great photo coverage here.

Hat Tip:  Instapundit

Atlas has more pictures and a first hand account of lefty pressure through Twitter here.

Some intrepid patriots took the Hands Off Healthcare message to Senator Schumer’s office in Manhattan tonight.

Tea Party at Schumers NYC Office

And were joined by one of our favorite bloggers, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

Pamela Geller at Tea Party Protest

Schumer wasn’t home, and a few lefties had to have ‘discussions’ which was the equivalent of talking physics to sloths, but the normal passersby were receptive.

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade has a report and more pictures here.

Atlas Shrugs has a short report and more pictures here.

One of our favorite Blue Star Moms let loose today in her farewell address with a full frontal blast at the media.

For those who thought Sarah Palin was going to fade into obscurity…  I’d suggest you think again.

Visit Atlas Shrugs’ coverage and listen to part 2 of Sarah Palin’s farewell address.  About 7 minutes in she talks about her future plans.

An image like this might come to mind:


Or even this:

xena warrior princess

The coming months may make the old saying about grabbing a tiger by the tail obsolete.

An Australian commenter had this to say:

Hi there my American friends! She is FANTASTIC! That is obvious even from as far as AUSTRALIA. The more I listen to her and read about her the more I admire and love her. She is not only a natural leader of Free American People but she is a natural leader of ALL FREE PEOPLE! The DEGENERATES, TRAITORS, COMMUNO-FASCISTS, TOTALITARIAN COLLECTIVISTS, PARASITES, SOCIAL BARBARIANS hate her because they recognise subconsciously (as they aren’t capable of a rational thinking) that she is equipped with something really unique – a STRATEGIC MIND.

Strategic mind is a rare gift from the God (if you are a believer) or from the Nature (if you are not), a kind of a genius that allows you to draw a right and precise conclusion from the shred of information. Strategic mind characterises great military commanders, people who win strategic battles and wars. It doesn’t really matter that a strategic mind can sometimes be a bit lousy with the details of a secondary or tertiary importance, because those details are indeed unimportant, and strategic mind can easily reach for them to advisors, encyclopedia, or internet. Strategic mind also has a capability to learn very fast (and Sarah has a proved that she, indeed, can), so Sarah will be better and better prepared to take over the leadership of your great nation from day to day.

Lets be frank about that; There is no one on the political firmament in the US that can compete with her. Of course, there other fantastic guys and gals, almost equally quallified as Sarah like Gen Petraeus, Col. Allen West from Florida, Rick Kantor, Michelle Bachman, Liz Cheney and many others, but there is NO DOUBT that she is THE BEST.

That about sums it up.

Hat Tip:  Gateway Pundit, Granite Grok

A Blue Star Mom drove halfway across the country to visit her young son at Fort Drum in New York, home of the 10th Mountain Division.


Jennifer writes:

I am here…I traveled to Fort Drum, New York…a wonderful long drive, to visit my oldest son! I have been here since Thursday spending time with my oldest, seeing his new home and world that he now lives in. It has been amazing on so many levels to visit, as he is a man, and is the age his dad was when I married.

Our soldiers that live in the barracks(at least here) are young- under 25, and are so normal. It was like going into my sons rooms at home. The troops have posters up, and TVs, game systems, and well~ guy mess, but the thing that resonates the most with me is the youthfulness. When I went to my son’s room his roommate was playing Connect Four(a board game)…and they all were goofy to the fact that Bill’s mom came to see him and brought lots of stuff from home. It was like Christmas for everyone around as they helped carry up stuff and then laughed and looked at what I brought. Fourth made brownies for her big brother- which then was shared by all…they loved the home made goodies!

But I was reflective when I left that first day to go to the base hotel. I realized that these young folks are the heart of our land. I was humbled at how they are from every corner of the nation and that they are still crossing over to adulthood although they are men. I met many that had been to Iraq or Afghanistan more than once and I truly have no words. These troops are not harping and moaning because a cop showed up at a professors home(which by the way was the job that the policeman should do)- no these soldiers are wearing the uniform so that we have the rights of law enforcement…and even the right to act like a fanatical nut—and then suggest that your behavior is because of racism…Our troops since the formation of our land have been the paving stones to all of the rights we enjoy so much. Ponder that as you think about the case I just wrote about. No one has executed the professor or for that matter the police officer- other countries citizens are not as fortunate.

Read the whole thing here!