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Gathering of Eagles Fighting the Insurgency at Home
Action Alert

Last week David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame) let loose a screed on Chris Matthews’ television show defaming our troops and their mission.

“And he goes over and he finds out the job is killing somebody else’s mother and sister.”

This Sunday, October 28th, he is participating in a fund raiser for incumbent U.S. Representative, John Hall (of Hall and Oates fame) at a location in Bedford Hills, NY. Mr. Hall refuses to cancel the appearance or condemn the statements David Crosby made.

Marine Corps and OIF veteran, Kieran Lalor, who has been active in support of our troops and the Gathering of Eagles, has taken up the challenge to protest David Crosby’s appearance at this event for the left wing political elite of Westchester County. We need to support him in this effort and to help ensure that former celebrities understand that we will not permit slander of our brave men and women in uniform to go unanswered!

Bring Flags, Signs, Banners, Bullhorns, whistles, bells and anything else you deem appropriate. A large media presence is expected so bring as many of your friends and family as possible.

Email this Action Alert to anyone you feel may be able to help us support our troops. For more information and video of the David Crosby slur visit:

What: Rally to Defend Our Troops from Slanderous Celebrities
When: Sunday, October 28, 2007

  • Meet 1:30 pm at Bedford Hills Station (MetroNorth), Bedford Road and Railroad Avenue, right by the Saw Mill River Pkwy near I-684.
  • At 1:45 proceed to 376 Harris Avenue, Bedford Hills.

For driving directions use Google Maps with destination of:
bedford hills station, bedford hills, ny

Metro North service from Grand Central Station has a train departing at 11:48 am which arrives at Bedford Hills at 12:48 pm in plenty of time. The next train departs at 12:48 and arrives at 1:48 which may be cutting it close. Return trains depart every hour at 36 minutes past the hour. Travel time is approximately one hour in each direction. Round trip off-peak fare is $17.50, seniors $11.50.

Dan Maloney
New York State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

Gathering of Eagles  Fighting the Insurgency at Home
Action Alert

The Communist Leslie Cagan and her United for Peace and Justice group are staging another forced march of useful idiots through Manhattan on October 27th as part of the nationwide 11 city “Fall Out against the War” campaign.

We will be there to stand up for our troops and country in the face of the radical opposition.  Bring flags, signs, banners, whistles, bells and anything else you think appropriate.

New York Eagles are asked to join one of the two counter operations to face off against the feeder marches from Brooklyn and New Jersey and then to regroup at Worth Street and Broadway in lower Manhattan against the main march from Union Square to Foley Square.

When:  Saturday, October 27th

Where:  Brooklyn Bridge Entrance Ramp, Centre Street next to City Hall.
Time:     10:00 a.m.

Where:  George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee, NJ, Hudson Terrace & Merkle St.
Time:      9:30 a.m.

Joint Operation:
Where:  Broadway and Worth Street
Time:     12:30 p.m.

For Updates check the following GOE forum areas:

The North Country Patriots took on the North Country Peace Group in a lively and spirited debate last night in Setauket. Jim, Graham and Matt laid out a concise and factual argument for our initial decision to invade Iraq and for continuing our operations there until we achieve Victory. The Moonbats, on the other hand, continued to spout the standard lies, deceptive propaganda, obfuscations and distortions that we have all heard so many times before. One of their debaters was even a 911 troother which got some groans from our side.

The debate format was interrupted at the outset when one of our VFW supporters pointed out that we had not said the Pledge of Allegiance. The moderator apologized and most, but not all, of the audience stood to correct that. Frankly, the audience of about 150 were mostly on the moonbat side, one lady was even wearing her Code Pink jacket when she arrived.

The moderators attempted to request that the VFW members who attended remove their hats, but were quickly disabused of that notion.

A lively question and answer session followed the presentations, but like the presentations themselves, our side could quote facts and figures, recite quotes from actual people, etc…, while theirs avoided questions and talked about ‘feelings’, ‘all about oil’, ‘investigate 911’, etc…

A truly disgusting question, by a man purporting to be a veteran, was directed toward Matt, the high school student, which started off attacking him for being glib in his reference to the low casualties in Iraq and then asking if he was planning to join the military. Matt handled it well and Graham backed him up saying they were trying to put the casualty rate into historical perspective.

Several questions were asked of the ‘Peace Group’ that they just ignored by rambling on about unrelated matters. A particularly good one was asked by a gentleman who personally knew one of the UN WMD Inspectors who had cataloged the existence of chemical and nerve agents in Iraq before the war. The ‘peacers’ could only say that there was nothing there after the war.

I have to say that the Patriots certainly won the debate hands down, but were unlikely to have swayed the opinions of any of the moonbats in the audience.

A few pictures from the debate are here.

Gathering of Eagles
News Alert

Patriots Rule Berkeley!

There was a tremendously successful pro-troops rally yesterday in the heart of moonbat la-la-land, Berkeley, California. Hundreds turned out to answer the call from Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward, Michelle Malkin and the Gathering of Eagles to protect the Marine Recruiting Station from the ravages of the Code Pink faction of the neo-commie horde led by none other than that paragon of anti-Americanism, Medea Benjamin. Once more patriots ruled the day!

Check out all the links for stories, pictures and video:

God Bless America!

Gathering of Eagles
Action Alert

Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, for four years now The North Country Patriots of Setauket have mounted a counter protest in support of our troops on the corner of Rte 25A and North Country Road in Setauket. This Thursday evening they are going to engage
the anti-war opposition in a debate on the subject of Iraq. They need as many patriots as possible to come out and root for them in this effort. OIF veterans are particularly welcome. Please forward this email to everyone on your mailing lists to ensure the largest possible turnout!

Each side has been alloted fifty seats for advance seating starting at 7:10pm. After 7:25pm all seating will be first come first serve.

I have stood with these men on their corner before and I will do so again. I will be proud to be there to lend support in any way I can on Thursday evening. I hope you will join me.

Topic: Iraq: A Debate
Where: Neighborhood House, 95 Main Street, Setauket, NY 11733
When: Thursday, October 18, 2007
Time: 7:10pm Reserved Seating, Debate 7:30 – 9:30pm


From Long Island Expressway
East on LIE (495) to exit 62 North (Nicolls Road/Route 97) toward Stony Brook.
Travel due north until the end of Nicolls Road.
Make right at the end of Nicolls Road onto Route 25A.
First light (before hill) make left onto North Country Road.
North Country Road will turn into Main Street after first stop sign;
Proceed through three stop signs.
The Neighborhood House will be on your right across from pond.
White house with porch (#95 Main street).  Large Parking lot with tennis courts on hill.

From Northern State
East on Northern State until the end then continue on
Route 347 (Nesconset Highway) until (Nicolls Road/Route 97)
make left (heading North)
Travel due north until the end of Nicolls Road.
Make right at the end of Nicolls Road onto Route 25A.
First light (before hill) make left onto North Country Road.
North Country Road will turn into Main Street after first stop sign;
Proceed through three stop signs.
The Neighborhood House will be on your right across from pond.
White house with porch. Large Parking lot with tennis courts on hill.

Pictures of the North Country Patriots in action are here: