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Heh, Did you think they were doing it because they were all altruistic?

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It turns out that buried in HR3200 on Page 65 Section 164 is the payoff:

where unions are to receive a $10 billion dollar infusion of taxpayer’s money to supplement their failing plans through a program called the “reinsurance plan.”

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So, next time you face the union thugs be sure to remind them that they are on the ‘take’ and they should stop stealing our money!

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All that money can buy a lot of this!

And what better way for the unions to pay back this imperial largesse than to protect the politicians who could make it happen?

But heck, since the Obama administration is bailing out everyone these days, including Convicts, Who are we to complain?

Labor Pains has more on the Union Bailout here and here.  They report that the United Auto Workers are openly admitting the bailout exists.

It was after Pearl Harbor, after Midway, after many thousands of our American G.I.’s were killed in desperate battles with the Shintoist Japanese when President Franklin D. Roosevelt went on the radio and issued his heartfelt praise for Japan’s Shinto religion.


To his American audience, in his celebratory message for Japan’s Shinto religious practices, President Roosevelt issued the following line:

These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Shinto’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.

The outrage in America was deafening. No one could deny that there were millions of Shintoists that never raised a finger against the U.S., but the leaders of the war effort were all Shintoists and their religious leaders used the creed as a basis to attack us. Worse, as Americans were dying at the hands of Shintoists, the anger in the nation was…

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This is rocket science?

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