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The Silent Majority has an excellent review from the private screening of the documentary “Chosin”.

Read all about it here!

The Transportation Security Administration has made a mockery of air security.  So much so that one young lady (Corinne) decided that rather than go through the body scanner or be groped by latex gloved clowns she would wear a bikini when she travels.

Here is her complete interview:

Is this what political correctness has forced upon America?  Will Grandma have to wear a thong, Grandpa a speedo just so the TSA can avoid profiling to concentrate on those most likely to be terrorists?

When will grownups take charge of this country again?

How much worse will it get when the TSA unionizes?

More TSA buffoonery here!

And in case you thought the speedo reference was an exaggeration:

On Friday, October 29, the Patriot Guard Riders joined the family of Sgt Justin Boyle for a Welcome Home!

More photos here and here!


Here is an interview with Allen West just before his election.

This is a man who gets it.

Go West!


The young boy, Cody Alicea, who was ordered to remove the American flag from his bicycle by school officials,

was escorted on his ride to school this morning.

Excellent Mission!

More here!

New York is home to the largest Veterans Day Parade in the nation.  This year over half a million people either marched or watched.

Photo by DNA Info/Yepoka Yeebo

Photo by Urban Infidel

This year’s theme was “Freedom is not Free” and Korean War Veterans were singled out for recognition.

A special contingent of Korean Veterans joined the parade to Thank the U.S. for its continued support.

The light blue jackets in the following video are worn by U.S. Korean War Veterans:

Fifth Avenue was packed with marchers while crowds lined the sidewalks to cheer them on!

Here is a video to give you a taste of what it was like.  The band in this video is the Seaman High School Band from Topeka, Kansas.

The Urban Infidel was there again this year to record the march in pictures and video!

Among the groups participating were the Patriot Guard Riders, the New York Fire Riders and many more.

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Video from Flopping Aces.

And for those still celebrating the Marine Corps 235th Birthday!

On November 9, 2010, an Angel rose from the ashes.

The Artist, Lei Hennessy-Owens, managed to extricate the sculpture from the clutches of the 9/11 memorial commission who have had it locked away in a hanger at Kennedy Airport since it was donated in 2001.  The Angel will now go on a cross country tour before returning to Ground Zero for the tenth annivesary of 9/11.

At the rededication ceremony, Lei gave a Messenger of Freedom award to Andrew Breitbart the conservative media icon. The award was accepted by Peter Schweizer, editor of Big Peace.

Tim Brown, retired FDNY firefighter was also given a Messenger of Freedom award:

From Left to Right:  Tim Brown, Lei Hennessy-Owens, Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, Blue Star Mom Bev Perlson.

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Orange County Gathering of Eagles Coordinator, Carl O’Flanagan, was presented the Distinguished Service Award by the Orange County Legislature on Saturday.

Making the presentation was legislator Mike Anagnostakis on the corner where the Orange County GOE holds its weekly troop rally.

Here is video of the presentation:

Mike tells how his father viewed the American military after being liberated from the Nazis in WWII.

In the following video Citizens 4 Freedom reporter, John, interviews GOE Dutchess and Orange county coordinators:

Here is a photo of the Award:

Representatives of the Orange/Sullivan Tea Party and Citizens 4 Freedom attended the presentation.

Thanks to Cheryl Thomas and C4F News for the photos and video!

More great photos here!


Here is part of his victory speech!

His message to President Obama:

If you want to pick a fight with a U.S. Army paratrooper, Bring it on!

More of his speech can be found here!

Pamela Geller, a long time West supporter, has a link to a version of the full speech here.

Press coverage here.

I would not be ashamed to see this man as a presidential candidate.

He was interviewed by Fox News this morning!