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The Obama Whackos are going Nuttier!

Tea Party Patriots were peacefully exercising their right of free speech in Hauppauge, Long Island, when they were treated to the presence of a full blown Obama nut on the loose!

He made it a point to try and snap pictures of the faces of every patriot there while mouthing off obscenities.

Tea Party Derangement Syndrome!

The lefties are literally ready to start clawing their own eyes out in frustration as the great people of this nation are standing up in opposition to the socialization of our nation.  They can’t control themselves from attempting to confront us at every turn.  TPDS the new paranoia!

Actually, these appear to be happening too often and in too many places to be purely coincidental.  Perhaps they’re just following orders to get in our faces!

Jeez!  Now they’re biting off fingers!

Video courtesy of  Project Shining City

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