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Here is a unique protest going on in Nw Jersey right now!

Part 2

Sending a message to free spending Governor Corzine in a way even he can’t ignore!

More here.

Well Done!

In Buffalo

Lot’s of New York State resentment here.

The Buffalo News reports.

The Buffalo Bean

Albany’s Insanity –Tea Party Highlights

Albany’s Insanity –Rus Thompson Speech & Links to other reports

In Stamford Connecticut

Good chants of Dump Dodd!

Here’s some pictures from Jenny Bea!

The Stamford Advocate

And from around the nation a recap by Michelle Malkin.

Go get ’em Patriots!!

AAR Poughkeepsie 3-29-09

It was a beautiful day in Poughkeepsie.


Sun shining, Patriots chanting, Cars honking in support.

Moobats disturbed (now there is an oxymoron for you).

The only thing missing was Pete Seeger.  We had some marching cadences for the old commie that we had written especially for the occasion, but he went AWOL.  Go figure.  He must have heard that the downstate crew were coming today.

The Dutchess County patriots were at their best!  It was great to stand with them again!

For Pamela’s pictures go here.

Pictures of the Pete Seeger moonbat brigade are here.


The Defense Department has released a site dedicated to the memory of the men who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in the War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It contains links to individual pages for each man.  Masterful job.

Medal of Honor – Heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan


The Communist protesters returned to the Times Square recruiting station today for act II of their pointless protest against American self defense.  Our stalwart eagles were there to prevent them from damaging the property as they did in Berkeley last night.  Anyone who thought the election of Barack Obama would put an end to these displays of self loathing by the left has been proved to be sadly mistaken.  They will not ever be satisfied with anything less than full submission to the Islamo/Communist alliance.  Not likely to happen punks.

For the full story with pictures and video go here.

Matthis Chiroux was there again.  For more on this despicable piece of trash read this.

Heh, This Ain’t Hell keeps on top of the Matthis Chiroux issue!


Last evening at 8:55 pm the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley, California, that was under siege by the left wing insurgents of Code Pink, was attacked by vandals.

Chandler’s Watch has the full story.

Tea Party Rally Song

Lloyd Marcus, who has sung at many of the Gathering of Eagles events in Washington, just released this rallying cry for the Tea Party movement.  He has managed to outdo himself yet again!

And in caes you missed it here’s a link to his song on illegal immigration in California.


On the sixth anniversary of the Iraq conflict we have the following editorial written by our Dutchess County Coordinator Dennis Maloney which was printed today in the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Drubbing of thugs, tyrants worth the cost

Editor’s note: Dennis Maloney, the Dutchess County coordinator for Gathering of Eagles, was asked to write about his opinions on the Iraq war.

Was it a good thing America led the removal of Saddam Hussein?

Based on the actions of Saddam in the run-up to the war, any number of them, from genocide to menacing other nations and not abiding by the terms of the cease-fire, were enough to warrant his removal. No linkage with al-Qaida was necessary.

Tactically, were any mistakes made?

You bet! The Iraq army was disbanded too quickly. After the slashing the military budget suffered during the Clinton years, a more timely inventory of necessary equipment should have been made. More troops should have been deployed earlier in the reconstruction. However, compared to mistakes made in prior wars, these were small.

Strategically, our presence in Iraq was a master stroke in the war on terror. Osama bin Laden knows the only way to defeat America is not through direct confrontation of national armies but rather through a “statelessism” that gives his state supporters room for deniability and provides him with greater flexibility of movement.

America, turning Iraq into a democracy, the antithesis of radical Islam, right in the heart of the Muslim world, was unacceptable. So the allies were able to draw al-Qaida out from the area most advantageous for it to Iraq which was most advantageous for us.

Al-Qaida lost big. It no longer has the power in the Muslim world that it had. It is now trying to re-establish itself in Afghanistan.

The Moonbats were at it again today at the Times Square Recruiter Station.

Matthis Chiroux the local IVAW loser was there with his admiring fans.

Our guys kept them away from the door for most of the time.

They will be back Thursday evening for another round.

read the whole report with pictures and video here.


The Barack Obama administration has proposed that soldiers’ private health insurance cover service related injuries.  This attempts to shift the responsibility for paying for their care from the Veterans Administration to the private sector.  Not only is that absurd on the face of it, but it would entangle wounded warriors with having to deal with health insurance companies at a time when they are least able to.  When the United States sends its sons and daughters off to war it assumes the responsibility of caring for them if they are injured in that service.  To try and weasel out of that responsibility to save a few dollars is typical of an administration which is willing to spend billions on every left wing pork barrel project and cause they can conceive of, but is unwilling to provide the care our warriors deserve.

Even Comedy Central says this can’t be right:

For more read “Crossing the Line“.

This “There’s Going to be a War over this“.

And “Now You Done Pissed Off COB6