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Tea Party Patriots were out in force again!

Andy Sullivan of Blue Collar Corner was there to cover the action:

Steve comments:

Did you notice that Steve Israel ran last night’s meeting the way he and Pelosi and the rest of them want to run the government?

They RATIONED the seats in the room.
They CONTROLLED the crowd.
Their SPECIAL INTEREST Friends sat at the front of the room.
They created a BUREAUCRACY to filter the questions and appointed MoveOn members to that panel.

They made it very clear that THEY will tell the People WHAT to do and that we better get used to it.

Once again We the People made it clear that we will be SILENT NO MORE!

Steve Israel Town Hall

Newsday wrote:

Israel (D-Huntington) at one point pleaded with those in the crowd yelling at him to “stop calling me a liar and listen.” Judging by the ever-increasing decibel level, he did not win over many converts.

Read the Newsday story here.

More videos:

We’ve all heard about the Teleprompter (TOTUS) but in New York we have elected a Blackberry to Congress!

Watch as he reads most of his responses from his device!

One would almost think it was controlling him… or is it?

More than 750 constituents turned out at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY.

Stephen T (who took the videos above) wrote:

I got there fairly early around 6pm, the first 10 rows were already occupied by Hall supporters with ‘Thank You’ signs. Early on there was what I believe an organizer for the Hall supporters going around with a clipboard of ideas for questions etc.

One thing I noticed is that the Town of Bedford official in charge of choosing questions from the stage mentioned that he couldn’t see far because of the lighting, how convenient. Much of the Hall supporters were robotic and had little passion, some appeared to want to drag out time with long readings, Hall was good at milking the clock with drolling stories and reading from the smart-phone.

I would say the crowd may have been at least 60-70% against Hall/Obamacare but vocally 95%. The Hall supports early on were trying to ‘shh,shh’ the crowd but they imo lost the will and it was no longer their meeting.

More here:

Meanwhile irate constituents were complaining about the remote locations and short notice of the two Town Halls that Congressman Hall deigned to have.

Media report with video and pictures is here.

Free Speech for Me But Not for Thee.

We’ve known this was the mantra of the left wing for a long time, and we’ve had many instances where moonbat nutjobs have interfered and even assaulted our folks who have attempted to document their antics.

The Town Hall for NY State Senator Tom Duane is a case in point.

NYS Sen Tom Duane with flag of one of his favorite groups in rear

NYS Sen Tom Duane with flag of one of his favorite groups in rear

The Red Squirrel managed to gain entry (even though the event was advertised only to the far left groups that support all the socialist causes).  She sat in the second row right next to their own photographer.  As soon as she brought her camera out and held it up, one of the moonbats assaulted her.  Not once, but twice!

She writes:

Sat in the second row beside their cameraman. I was quiet….but, I was punched by one lout hard (twice) going on a third telling me to put my camera down.  (Take note: I had been very careful not to reveal camera until St. Sen. Duane was on the floor)  After all, it’s not like I didn’t expect to be told NO First Amendment rights for Repubs, and the theatre personnel kept trying to tell me there were no cameras allowed (like I’d fall for that one.)  Hello?!!! this is a Town Hall …a Public Meeting!  So I kept up with the mantra:


Since I didn’t cave, the theatre personnel walked away (I was not being QUIET regarding my harassment). But whoever Punchinello was, this guy remained irate that I was filming and said he would punch me again if I lifted my camera up one more time. When I told him to LAY off me. He finally gave up, shut up and sat quietly in his seat. (that was a first)

Read the whole thing here with pictures and video.

NY Congressman Tim Bishop tried to pack his town hall with unions on the ‘take’ for nationalized healthcare.

The people of his district erupt in open rebellion when one of the union goons tries to speak!

Union members, many from outside the district,  were snuck into the hall beforehand in an effort to stack the deck with a friendly audience.

The last straw came when one of the union leaders from outside the district was asked to speak.  The citizens erupted in open revolt which almost led to violence from the union goons.

Union Thug

The sheer weight of public outcry overcame the feeble union efforts, however, and the citizens won the day.

Another video of the show down is here. (Thanks, Gateway Pundit!)

Paul writes:

The most disturbing part was seeing the people with professionally preprinted signs from organizations that favored the bill. You knew they were from union and liberal organizations. They reminded me of puppets on a string. They don’t really know what it is all about, they were just told to be there!

Of course the Unions have ten billion reasons to support Obamacare even though they are exempted from the plan.

Outside, Tea Party Patriots ruled!


Some short videos from outside:

Newsday has a report here.

Heh, I didn’t know earlier that Newsday put the story on their front page!  Tim Bishop has got to have had a fit when he saw this!  The negatives just keep growing!


News12 Long Island has a report here.

New York Magazine talks about a child’s question here.

The AFL/CIO has published an email that the shunned Union leader, John Durzo sent to the members of his local union afterwards!

Last night I, along with many of our staff, attended a town hall meeting in Brookhaven hosted by Congressman Tim Bishop. There were 800 people inside and 500 people outside—quite a turnout. As most of you have seen or read, it is a hot topic and one that brings out strong feelings on both sides

What truly troubles me is the lack of manners, the hatred and the misinformation that was spread on this subject. There was at least one shoving match, a near fight and because I did not live in the district and let that be known. I was shouted down, quite a disruption developed and Tim (on a first name basis, eh, John?) had to ask me to yield the floor. One guy wanted to fight, to which I asked him to step up but he chose not to join me at the microphone. It was quite a night; very interesting.

OK, so why am I telling all of you this story? Well, I think it is interesting, but it underscores why we need to be involved in the political process, these people who were screaming and carrying on did not want to talk. They wanted to disrupt. They were told the truth (according to the bible of the AFL/CIO) and still refused to listen. They were shown the passages in the bill and it showed them that their information was wrong and still they would not listen.  (Perhaps because you’re lying through your teeth, John, or, more charitably, you’re thicker than a brick)

What John forgets to mention is that the AFL/CIO has that $10 Billion dollar present coming to it if they succeed in getting this bill passed.  He is not a disinterested altruistic observer, he’s a money grubbing political hack willing to sell his mother down the river to get the cash.

More pictures from outside the hall are here.

More video and updates coming.

Here’s a look at one of Tim Bishop’s last Town Hall meetings.

Last time Tim Bishop tried to use Unions as cover was at SEIU headquarters.

Tea Party Patriots staged a Town Hall for Congressman Gary Ackerman, who has been studiously avoiding any exposure to his constituents during the summer recess,  and, as one might expect, the Congressman failed to appear!

Luckily, Dr. Betsy McCaughey was on hand to do the explaining about the Healthcare Bill that the Congressman wouldn’t.

A crowd of about two hundred or so of the Congressman’s constituents were able to ask the questions that were most on their minds of someone who has actually read the bill!  What a novel idea!  I wonder if it will ever catch on?

Among the crowd were several politicans, both Republican and Democrat, who were interested in learning more about the bill:

The amazing thing was these politicians didn’t feel threatened to mingle with what the socialists at the DNC have called a ‘mob’.

Video courtesy of Project Shining City.

For ten more excellent videos by Long Island Alternative Media go here!

NY1 has a report up here.

Ok, so I’m a little late with this video, but it is certainly worth watching!

This happened two weeks ago at a Town Hall meeting in NY State.

The lefties have their knickers in a knot over this one.

Another video worth watching again:

Congressman Mike Rogers makes a compelling case against Nationalized Healthcare.

New York has a problem with its elected representatives.  Many of them are so far to the left politically that they view their constituents as right wing nut jobs.  So they avoid Town Hall meetings and shun any opportunity to meet with voters unless it is a carefully cherry picked group of like minded “progressives”.

Eric Massa (D-NY CD 29) says flat out that he will vote against the interests of his constituents.  Someone tries to moderate his comment to “against the opinions” but the original comment by Massa was what he said and what he meant.

Massa’s comments in this video also demonstrate clearly that the Tea Party to Town Hall strategy is working.  He states that every time Town Hall protests are aired their side loses 3 million Americans! I am quite certain that he has seen the poll numbers to prove that!

Pachyderm Points has more here.

In case anyone doubts his commitment to a single payer (Nationalized Healthcare) system just view this:

Tonight a few dozen patriots took a stand against socialism in Queens.


They braved the IBEW Local 3 thugs who had a hefty presence in the Union Hall Auditorium to press Congressman Anthony Weiner about Obamacare.


The thugs tried to intimidate one questioner by surrounding him and shouting “Shut Up!”, but for the most part it was Weiner himself who bored the attendees to death with his droning narcissistic ramblings.  He knew his plants and stuck to them as much as possible while avoiding questions from anyone he felt might have a serious issue.

A lot of folks started drifting out early, too bored and sickened to stay and listen to him.

One couple, when leaving, said that they had voted for him but never would again.

The most common words used to describe his performance were liar and weasel.

The turnout was small and patriots predominated.  It was definitely a win for our side.

Video cameras were originally banned, but then later arrivals were able to get them in.

CBS filmed the proceedings, we’ll see if they actually broadcast anything.  They were originally banned by the Congressman but he eventually relented.  Some felt that he did it to prevent a video record of him getting bashed by constituents over his radical left wing healthcare ideas, others are more sure he just didn’t want video of his boring performance to come back to haunt him.


Pictures are here.

For an excellent report from inside the meeting with some video go here!

The Queens Gazette has a brief account here.

Some Russian emigres attended the meeting and expressed to us outside their heartfelt concerns about the direction America is headed.  Read more about the ideas coming out of that conversation here.  The video of their interview is up:

In related news: New Gallup Poll shows Town Hall protests winning over Independents!

Michelle Malkin has a report on another Congressman who hid behind the Union label.

Democrat Congressman Scott Murphy (CD 20) appeared at Golden Harvest Farm in Kinderhook, NY, yesterday.

Although more peaceful than some town halls lately, it was obvious that a great number of his constituents have serious issues with the Healthcare bills before the Congress.

Joan has videos of the folks waiting for the meeting to start.  Notice the number of signs opposing nationalized healthcare.  Also notice the idiot holding the sign “Black President, Latina Judge, Get Over It”.  Obviously he has taken the far left directive to brand all patriotic Americans who oppose the nationalization of our healthcare system as ‘racists’.  We’re seeing a lot of this lately. When you have to inject racism into every argument, where it obviously does not belong, it is a sure sign you are losing.

Here are some more short clips from Youtube user PFK2002.

The Albany Times Union has a report here.

WGXC a local low power radio station did an excellent job of providing audio:

Part One of Town Meeting

Part Two of Town Meeting

Murphy interview with Albany Times-Union reporter and WGXC reporter after the meeting

This is Murphy’s second meeting in two days, the previous one was in Saratoga.

Tea Party Saratoga-Murphy

Peggy Noonan referred to it in this report in the Wall Street Journal.

Opntalk has a report here.

About 20 protesters gathered in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Thursday to let Democratic Rep. Scott Murphy know they oppose the health care plans in Washington. They carried signs saying: “Obamacare Seniors beware! Rationing is here,” and “If socialized medicine is best … why didn’t Ted Kennedy go to Canada?” Motorists honked as they drove by.

Most said they learned about the event from various community groups that oppose the health care overhaul. All rejected the notion that they had been organized on a large scale, or had connections to the insurance industry.

John Wagner, a 71-year-old retired salesman, said he wasn’t affiliated with any political groups. He said he and his wife, 68-year-old Anne Wagner, came try to talk to Murphy. Both of the registered independents voted for Murphy’s Republican opponent.

“We think it’s the start of our government taking over every facet of our economy, and of our health, to make sure that the government runs everything,” John Wagner said.

At one point, a constituent asked Murphy if he thought the country was headed for universal health care.

“That phrase means a lot of things to a lot of people,” Murphy said. His answer was greeted with a chorus of groans.

More from North Country Public Radio:

Is Scott Murphy dodging health care Protesters?

Is Scott Murphy in the clear?