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Putin and Medvedev have reason to gloat.

Do you need more evidence that the newly ratified START treaty gives Russia control over our missile defence planning? How about Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying exactly that to the Russian Duma (parliament)?

Everyone, including Republicans, who voted or shilled for this travesty needs to be voted out of office.

The Republicans who sold us out are:

Lugar, Voinovich, Brown (MA), Snowe, Collins, Alexander, Corker, Isakson, Murkowski, Cochran, and Bennett (UT)

Gateway Pundit has more here!

We warned about this here!

Communism is alive and well in New York.  Like this fool who turns out for all the lefty protests:

Commie protesting Pamela Geller at the Stop the Mosque Rally on September 11, 2010.

For those of us who have faced off against the radical left here for years, it is painfully obvious.  For those who pooh pooh the notion that communism exists, take a lesson from the Russians who may know a thing or two about communism that you don’t:

Now how did this vile and evil ideology get a foothold in the land of capitalism and individual freedom?  Let Bill Whittle take you on a stroll through history:

Hat Tip:  Gateway Pundit who has more on the Russian report and notes:

For the record… Obama often attended the socialist lectures at Cooper Union in New York City during his time at Columbia University.

Videos of the commie ranting at different NYC events are here and here.

Our friend, Lt. Col Allen West, defended his statements in his Tea Party speech of 2009 on Fox News this morning:

This is his original speech which was ad hoc.  He was asked to fill in until a scheduled speaker could arrive.  As you can see, he stole the show with a moving call to patriotism.

Allen was just elected to Congress from Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.

The liberals are so frightened of him that they are already targeting him for a re-election challenge in 2012!

Go West!!