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Last summer, MargeTrowbridge and Elaine Lang stood up for what they believed, in the face of 600 anti-war protesters in Kennebunkport.  Here is what the local news reported on them: 

“Sanford native Marge Trowbridge took a different slant on the day. Trowbridge walked 20 feet in front of the protesters sporting a sign that read, “Help me! I’m surrounded by idiots!”

“At the Kennebunkport Marina, boat owner Elaine Lang stood proudly beside a sign that read, “We support our troops.” Lang said she wasn’t protesting the protest, nor taking a pro or con Bush stand. “It’s just simple support for the troops,” she said.”

Two people, standing up for the troops made a difference and kept the media story from being entirely one-sided.  They were Eagles before we had Eagles! There are some true patriots in Maine who deserve our support.


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