Town Hall – Congressman Gary Ackerman (Who didn’t show up)

Tea Party Patriots staged a Town Hall for Congressman Gary Ackerman, who has been studiously avoiding any exposure to his constituents during the summer recess,  and, as one might expect, the Congressman failed to appear!

Luckily, Dr. Betsy McCaughey was on hand to do the explaining about the Healthcare Bill that the Congressman wouldn’t.

A crowd of about two hundred or so of the Congressman’s constituents were able to ask the questions that were most on their minds of someone who has actually read the bill!  What a novel idea!  I wonder if it will ever catch on?

Among the crowd were several politicans, both Republican and Democrat, who were interested in learning more about the bill:

The amazing thing was these politicians didn’t feel threatened to mingle with what the socialists at the DNC have called a ‘mob’.

Video courtesy of Project Shining City.

For ten more excellent videos by Long Island Alternative Media go here!

NY1 has a report up here.


  1. 1 City Council Candidate Dan Halloran « Gathering of Eagles: NY

    […] Halloran has been active in the Tea Party movement.  He MC’d the Healthcare Town Hall that was held in Bellerose and was one of the roganizers of the Healthcare Tea Party protest […]

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