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A 72-year-old Harlem business owner used a shotgun to blast four men who tried to rob his restaurant-supply business Thursday afternoon, killing two and sending two others to the hospital with gunshot wounds, the New York City police said.

Shotgun Ejects Shells

The police said that the four would-be robbers entered the business and announced that they were robbing it. One of them took out a 9-mm pistol and started to pistol-whip a 33-year old employee inside the store. The owner then took out a shotgun and opened fire, striking the four men.

A third man injured in the shooting walked into St. Luke’s — which is about 12 blocks to the south of the business, in the Morningside Heights section of Manhattan — with gunshot injuries. The fourth man was found nearby with gunshot wounds, the police said.

Nearly two hours after the shooting, the body of a dead man lay on the sidewalk, its upper half covered in white plastic. The man wore gray pants and white shoes. The sneakers pointed up.

Now the really stupid part:

It was not immediately clear whether the owner had a license for the shotgun.

This is America.  The Constitution has the second amendment.  Why in God’s name should anyone have to have a permit to have a rifle or shotgun for self defense?

Full Story here.

Video report here.

SEIU Local 1199 Headquarters in Hicksville, Long Island, was the scene of confrontation between Tea Party Patriots and assorted union thugs from SEIU, CWA, RWDSU, Teamsters, etc…

Congressman Tiim Bishop was scheduled to have a meeting there with the unions, but wimped out yet again.  That makes twice in two days he has run from his constituents.  Don’t worry congressman we’ll make sure you have a chance to listen.  You can run but you can’t hide!

The first confrontation occured shortly after the first contingent of about a dozen patriots arrived to find twenty or so Communications Workers of America union people there in red shirts.  We moved quickly to secure the corner and they belatedly grabbed their signs and tried to crowd us.  One of them grabbed a sign that said something dumb about Killing Glenn Beck (correction: the sign said “Glenn Beck Sucks”), then the holder of that sign said that he’d like to kill former president George Bush.  When I asked “Do You Have Any Idea How Stupid That Sounds?” He went ballistic, charging over in my face and ranting not to call him that.  I refused to back down and eventually, after he realized he was being filmed by at least two people, he backed down and went across the street.

Here’s a picture of him before the incident videotaping the patriots that had arrived.  He wasn’t wearing his union shirt so I have to assume his job was to be the muscle that the unions could deny.


An excellent video which starts at the very end of the first confrontation .

Of course we already had our sign prepared for this eventuality:


So they followed their playbook to the letter.  We’re just going to have to add more union names to our sign for all these goons who want to beat down Americans expressing their free speech.

More robust debate here:

The Union leaders were inciting the members to action with exhortations like “We’re not going to let these people disrupt our meeting are we?” over their bullhorn.  They were extremely unhappy when we overtook their chants with our own.

The tide began to turn as more patriots kept arriving until we outnumbered the union goons who had decided to hold their meeting on the street corner.  We filled the corner diagonally opposite and had contingents on each of the other two corners and the islands in the middle of the road.  At a guess we had two hundred or so patriots v. 60-80 union goons.

At the same time we were intermixed with the union people on their corner and heated debates were occuring everywhere you looked.  One union goon laughably kept calling some of our lady patriots “violent sluts”.  It was still a relief when the Nassau County Police arrived on the scene and monitored the situation.

The traffic going by was all in our favor with honks and cheers!  The CWA red shirts actually worked against them because we had contingents on either side facing the street and many of our folks were wearing red “Liberty” shirts.  Since our shirts, flags and signs were the first things anyone driving by saw, they assumed the other people were with us!

It was interesting hearing the union leaders claiming that we were all paid by the health insurance companies.  If so, Where the hell is my check??

Yet at the same time all these union goons were on the clock!  Paid Obamaturf!

Thank You to all the patriots that showed up!

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In the meantime, Dead Horse Harry Reid calls us ‘evil-mongers’!

Here is our report on Congressman Anthony Weiner also sheltering in an IBEW Union hall for his Town Hall.

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