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A funny thing happened in Merrick today.


A Dozen or so Obamabots tried to crash a Tea Party of a few hundred Patriots!

“Why are you trying to intimidate these people?”

The question took me by surprise as I looked at the guy with the video camera.  “Hunh?  What people?”  I asked.  Then I looked around and saw a few dopes wearing Obama/Biden T shirts and holding signs.  I had to laugh.  “Heh, I didn’t even know they were there!”

Later I took some photos of them, or tried to, most held their signs over their faces.  Too ashamed, I guess, to have their identities associated with their continued moronic faith in their messiah.  Too few, too ignorant and too lobotomized to be a serious opposition.  They quickly sidled away after retreating down and across the street from the Patriots.

I actually have to thank them for putting a name to those who are intent on enslaving our nation to their socialist ideals:


BDMC = Bellmore Merrick Democratic Club

My response, 6 monhs of their drive to socialism is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

But then the real fun began!

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs came as a guest speaker and lit up the crowd!

Steve Flanagan of the Conservative Society for Action made another fiery speech!



Patriots spread out along Merrick Avenue and Sunrise Highway to the resounding cheers and honks of motorists.








Patriots come in all sizes!

The Patriot

The Silent Majority has an excellent report with pictures and video here.

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