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Snow has arrived in the Hudson Valley!

Dennis reports:

We had our usual contingent of patriots but we also were joined by a Navy mother and later an Army mother. The Navy mother, who is becoming a regular, told us that her son has been accepted into OCS and will report there at the end of his current cruise. He wants to become a Naval aviator.

Our Army mom who has also been coming to the corner on a regular basis got a major surprise this week when her son, who is deployed to Iraq, showed up at home with almost 3 weeks leave.  She couldn’t wait to bring him to the corner, which she did.  While there, Jerry had to go talk to our celebrity opposition [Pete Seeger & The Moonbats] to tell them that he was proud to serve so that they would be able to voice their protests.  They received him well!

We outnumbered them again!  Another victory for pro America!

Proud Army Mom sent this video to commemorate Jerry’s visit!

Note:  The Poughkeepsie Troop Rally is a weekly event every Saturday Noon to 2pm on the southeast corner of Rte 9 and Vassar Road.  Stop by and say hello to the veterans!

Tea Party Patriots came out in support of the Million Med March in New York City!

Protesting the Harry Reid vote for cloture in Congress, they attracted the attention of tourists and passersby.

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade was there to capture the action.

We have not lost in NY 23, the war is not over, we have just begun to fight and we are finding our way!


The Revolution was not won in a single day or a single campaign.

Every battle taught lessons that made the colonials better, more determined, fighters.

NY 23 will be in play again next year along with many other Congressional Districts in New York.

Let us take the lessons learned here and apply them everywhere across the state.

  • Do not let nominations go unchallenged.
  • Fight for principle.
  • Know the issues that are important locally as well as nationally.
  • Never, ever, give in.

Now go and celebrate the huge victories in Virginia and New Jersey and carry the fight to Washington this Thursday!

Then return and we shall go to work for next year.

A good after action analysis of the NY 23 election is hereMore here and here.

Doug Hoffman’s message to supporters.

Andy Sullivan at Blue Collar Corner covered a heated confrontation between Tea Party Patriots and Democrat activists in Queens today.

Socialist Senator Chuck Schumer was there as well.


Here’s one video!

More pictures:





It is time for Dan Halloran.

More on the Religious Bigotry evidenced in the Kevin Kim campaign!

James “Snake Head” Carville, the venomous Democrat political hack, has gone ape over the Tea Party movement’s success in backing Doug Hoffman in New York.

Carville Angry 2In a fund raising letter he manages to call Tea Party Patriots

  • wing nuts
  • lunatics
  • nut jobs
  • right wing fringe

While the ostensible target of his rant is Sarah Palin, he saved all his vitriol for Tea Party Patriots.

His bile knows no bounds when he confronts serious opposition from every day Americans worried about the course to disaster being piloted by his party.

Here are some excerpts:

Remember all those socialist-hollering, Glenn Beck-worshiping, tea party wing nuts from this summer’s town hall meetings? If Sarah Palin gets her way, one of them could soon be a member of Congress.

With Sarah Palin out there raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to stack Congress with those tea party lunatics,…

Help us raise $500,000 in response to Sarah Palin’s fundraising for the tea party nut jobs.

Send a message to Sarah Palin and those tea party nutcases who think they can retake Congress.

Let’s send the snake a message that his venomous vitriol will be answered by the sweetest revenge: Victory in Twenty Three!

Let’s get Doug Hoffman elected and then parade that victory in Washington on Thursday with Rep. Michele Bachmann on the steps of the Capitol!

Our intrepid Long Island Alternative Newsman, Vince, made the journey to Stamford to join our Connecticut brothers in their Tea Party protest outside the Dodd fundraiser in Stamford on Friday.

Our Connecticut patriot PALINSMITH also covered the event extensively:

Excellent job Nutmeggers!!

For more of Palinsmiths great videos go here!

Visit the Dodd Crisis website here!

Patriots took the Tea Party to the major media outlets in New York City today!


CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Fox and ABC all got visits!

The police were great!  Accommodating, joking about joining us, stopping traffic on Avenue of the Americas for us to cross, everything you could ask for!  Seems like they know who the real problem is too!


Just a few of the great signs!







Passersby and Tourists were cheering us on!  At one point we were joined by six young men from Chicago and two more from Massachusetts who saw the Gadsden flags!

The downpours which had been threatened in weather reports never arrived and the show went on without delay!

My pictures are here!

More great pictures here!

Even more here!

Only Fox got a positive reception!

Not so for ABC!

Jammie Wearing Fool reported on the lack of media reporting on the media protests.

Other protests in New York State:

Albany Pictures


More protest videos from around the country:

Burbank, California

San Diego, California with Tina Fey!

Denver, Colorado

St Petersburg, Florida and again here.

Atlanta, Georgia

Chicago, Illinois

Manchester, New Hampshire

Raleigh, North Carolina more here.

Seattle, Washington

St. Louis, Missouri and media coverageMore here.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Seattle,, Washington

Tea Party Patriots held a spirited protest outside the offices of Chuck Schumer!

Schumer Office NYC 10-5-09

Andy Sullivan of Blue Collar Corner covered this one also!

Great job, Andy!

More great pictures here!

Tea Party Patriots were out in force again!

Andy Sullivan of Blue Collar Corner was there to cover the action:

Steve comments:

Did you notice that Steve Israel ran last night’s meeting the way he and Pelosi and the rest of them want to run the government?

They RATIONED the seats in the room.
They CONTROLLED the crowd.
Their SPECIAL INTEREST Friends sat at the front of the room.
They created a BUREAUCRACY to filter the questions and appointed MoveOn members to that panel.

They made it very clear that THEY will tell the People WHAT to do and that we better get used to it.

Once again We the People made it clear that we will be SILENT NO MORE!

Steve Israel Town Hall

Newsday wrote:

Israel (D-Huntington) at one point pleaded with those in the crowd yelling at him to “stop calling me a liar and listen.” Judging by the ever-increasing decibel level, he did not win over many converts.

Read the Newsday story here.

More videos:

Tea Party Patriots gave Pete Seeger a wake up call on Sunday!


Dozens of patriots turned out to counter the Pro-Obamacare concert that the old time commie and his socialist friends held in Nyack.

The lefties were upset, trying to get the patriots removed from the park, then trying to taunt them into a confrontation.  None of their tactics worked and the media gave our side the opportunity to speak their side of the story!  But not our media, only the foreign media seemed interested!  LoHud News interviewed our folks but then left them entirely out of the story.  You have to look at their photo album to learn that there was opposition!

Health care rally 10-04-09

Luckily, The Red Squirrel was there to tell the truth the News Suppression Media won’t!


More great photos here!

Here’s the video.  Gets a little lively at the end!