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In a stunning display of radical leftist ideology, Barack Obama has decided that the United States will no longer hold the threat of nuclear annihilation over the heads of anyone who decides to attack the United States with chemical, biological and in some cases nuclear weapons.

Essentially he has unilaterally decided that it is OK to put New York in the crosshairs of state sponsored terrorists.

Of course he is not a New Yorker.  He did not witness almost three thousand of our fellow citizens brutally murdered in a surprise attack on a beautiful September morning.  He did not know any of the 343 firefighters who sacrificed their lives in an attempt to save others.  He did not know any of the police or medical workers who died trying to do the same.  For him, that was a man caused contingency.  For us it was War.

Now, by pursuing this  ‘strategy’, Obama is opening the door to new attacks with all manner of weapons of mass destruction by state sponsored terrorists, without fear of the ultimate penalty.

It must be nice to live in a mental fantasy world in which there are no enemies who wish to kill your citizens and their families.  A world in which everything is Unicorns and Rainbows.  Most people who live in such worlds are confined to institutions.  We have one sitting in the oval office.

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For those who think Obama’s faux pas was a one time slip:

The fact of the matter is that Obama is clueless.

In a Pig’s Eye!

This maroon still wants to hold the terrorist trials in NYC, give these terrorist ‘folks’ the same rights as American citizens and a platform to entertain their jihadi brethren while insulting the families and survivors of 9-11.

This is beyond “stuck on stupid” this is wallowing in idiocy.

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Welcome to the new gulag!

On September 12, 2009, when millions were marching in the streets of Washington and crowding around the Capitol, another story was unfolding in the basement of the courthouse on Indiana Avenue, a few short blocks away.

One of our members, a quiet unassuming young lady, was being held in custody awaiting arraignment.  Her crime?  Throwing a cheap campaign poster of Barack Obama in the garbage at a restaurant.

The story began the night before as the last troop bus rolled into the gates of Walter Reed.  We left the hospital gates and went to the Hyatt Regency where the sign making party was in full swing!  After a few refreshments we split up.  I headed back to the hotel and another group went searching for a place to eat.

They found a place only a block away called the Billy Goat Tavern, a hole in the wall joint which is part of a Chicago chain.  In retrospect it was a bad choice and not just because of the lousy food. Continue Reading »

Here is the self aggrandizing one at Copenhagen:

Hey, Barack, you want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?  Try Drill Here, Drill Now!

Give us the opportunity you are giving to Brazil by fronting them billions of our dollars to develop their offshore oil reserves!

Now you want to give away billions more of our dollars to third world countries.

You certainly have driven us further than we ever have before, to the brink of bankruptcy.

America is being held hostage like Gulliver ensnared by lilliputian minds.

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Gateway pundit has the story!  Here is the Video!

It’s not like rational folks didn’t see this coming.

You can not appease your way to victory.

Sounds like the theme song for one of those reality cop shows:

Bad Boy, Bad Boy

Whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when the Mullahs Punk You!

Hundreds of folks braved the cold rainy weather to attend the rally in Lower Manhattan!

More photos and video will be added to this, but for now here are a few pictures:

Here’s a panorama shot from before the rally got going! Click on the image for a larger size!

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Here’s a great report from Shane of who came all the way from Boston to be there!

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Al Jazeera has a report here!  Surprisingly Objective.

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A photo Album with many photos of the moonbat arrest is  here.

Another great photo album is here.

Video of Danny Rodriguez singing is here.

Poster Boy for 911 Truther Lunacy! He jumped on the stage during the rally and then ran away until he was cornered down the street!

Candice caught these photos from inside the cafe.  Also check out the video of the truther at The Silent Majority!

To wrap up coverage we want to take you back to PJTV’s excellent coverage of the Congressional Testomony of Eric Holder trying to justify the administrations unilateral actions:

On Nov. 17th I posted a recollection from a friend who was a Marine serving in Hawaii in 1980.  It was subjected to considerable ridicule initially, but more folks are now accepting that while not concrete proof, it does leave the door open to questions.  My friend recently sent me a revised copy (he is writing it for a literature course) and I will tell you that it is his recollection as closely as he can remember it.

No fiction here folks.

Call me Forrest Gump and I’ll belt ya!

Hawaii is a wonderful place. My father was stationed there in 1945 or so, working at Wahiawa Naval Communications Station on Oahu. When I joined the Marines in 1977, one of my personal goals was to travel as much as he did, at least try to. I went to boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina from September 19, 1977 to December 13. That was the furthest I had been from home at the time. My family had gone to Canada to see my grandfather’s birthplace in Nova Scotia in the summer of 1974. While I would love to see it for the family history now, it was boring to me then, mostly because I was stuck in the car with 2 of my older sisters for the trip while I was 14 going on 15; that was just not cool.

For my MOS (military occupational specialty) school, I was stationed in 29 Palms, California, where everyone tells you, “There is a girl behind every tree!”  Try finding a tree in the Mohave Desert that wasn’t made to be kept there by great effort. Keeping a woman behind any of those trees would take more effort than keeping the tree there. It gets so hot in 29 Palms in the summer time, that if you try to walk the 8 miles from the main gate to your barracks area, you get arrested for risking your life. I was there from January 3, 1978 to mid February 1978, and found first hand the desert is not hot in the winter, in fact, it was like a New England autumn at Thanksgiving time some nights. Continue Reading »

His arrogance is simply beyond words:

So, while Gathering of Eagles members were rallying in support of our troops outside the gates of West Point last night, the blowhard Chris Matthews was openly showing which side he is on.

Now for the pro-troops, pro-America side:

Dennis sends this report:

The moonbats began forming up at the park around 5:30 as we arrived at McDonalds.

Our signs were aimed at support for our troops and not pro or con Obama’s decision. The moonbats were upset that he was sending more troops to Afghanistan and we were upset that it took him 3 months to provide the support that our troops already in Afghanistan needed. Our signs proclaimed our support for our troops, their mission, and America. “Peace must be earned,” No to socialized healthcare, “Peace through strength,” and “Change? Chump Change!” were all well received. However, the sign that really got under their skin was “Exit strategy = WE WIN!”

We had the only American flag that wasn’t in some form of distress. The moonbats had about 100 – 150 in attendance, not a great turnout.

The moonbats did not go unchallanged. The news people in fact interviewed several of us and one of the moonbats with a TV camera tried to make like he was a journalist until his validity was questioned and he returned to his buddies. The locals were supportive of us and, all in all, I would have to say that we mounted a reasonably successful counter to them.

Among the moonbats was our old friend “Bubbles” from the Saturday rallies in Poughkeepsie with Pete [Seeger]. He must have thought he was Michelle Malkin as he came over and gave Vincent a kiss on the head. Vincent will never be the same again.

From the Lower Hudson Journal News:

Like the anti-war protesters, Maloney was also critical of Obama — but for taking too long to send in reinforcements. He said it was important to remain in Afghanistan to keep the United States safe.

”If you consider the fact that that area of the world produced people who killed 3,000 Americans in America, maybe it’s about time we went over there and stomped them out,“ said Maloney, who added that he was representing the Gathering of Eagles, a national group dedicated to supporting the troops”

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Matthew Landis, a 40-year-old sergeant in the Air Force Reserves, stopped by the protest with his 12-year-old stepson. He became angry when he saw some of the protesters yelling at Army guards at the gate.

“All these people standing here, they have the privilege to do this, and that privilege was given to them by men and women that died on the beaches of Normandy and in so many wars for freedom,” Landis said.

He said it was important to him to come out and be one voice on the other side of the debate.

Thank you to all those folks who came out to support our troops and do NOT consider West Point to be an enemy camp!

Here is a video which mostly features the moonbats including IVAW fraud and rapist Matthis Chiroux, but which also has short clips of GOE Troop supporters.

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Cadets Fall Asleep During Obama Dronathon!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid a visit to Brazil over the weekend to discuss a number of trade and diplomatic issues with Brazilian President Luiz Anacio Lula de Silva.

This is a continuation of Iran’s drive to build stronger ties in Latin American.  Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is already an ally of Iran, and Iran has also opened embassies in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Uruguay.  Brazil appears to be next on that list.

Venezuela is receiving help in locating uranium deposits which Chavez says will be used for domestic power production (does that sound familiar?).  With Brazil, Iran is shopping for nuclear technology among other things.

This is also evidence that Brazil is stepping away from close cooperation with the US following its criticism of Barack Obama’s effort to restore the ousted President Zelaya of Honduras in violation of the Honduran constitution.

We can look forward to continued disorder in South American affairs as the bungling foreign policy of our president dismays our allies and encourages those who would spread their socialist mantra across the region.

More information here.

One wonders what diplomatic leverage (and it appears shrinkingly small) was purchased by Obama’s decision to lend $2 Billion to the Brazilian Oil Company, Petrobas, to develop offshore oil fields in the Atlantic.  Or was that just a payoff to George Soros?

Quite a few Brazilians protested Ahmadinejad:

Here’s some analysis by the Council of the Americas: