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The PBS firing of Juan Williams for his comments about his personal feelings when he sees someone in traditional Islamic attire on an airline reveals the worst of the fascistic tendencies of liberalism.

Here is video of Megyn Kelly’s interview of a CAIR representative:

And here is Juan Williams’ Talking Points Memo statement regarding the incident and the intolerance of the left:

He is right on all counts.

More here, here and here.

On Sunday, October 10, 2010, the Patriot Guard Riders joined the Fire Family Transport Foundation and Marine families to welcome home members of the 4th Marine Logistics Group, 6th Communications Battalion (4th MLG 6th Comm) at LaGuardia Airport after their tour of duty in Afghanistan!

The bikes were lined up outside the terminal:

This was the scene as the Marines were escorted through the terminal!

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Lt. Col. Allen West issued a new TV ad in which he challenges both Obama and the incumbent Democrat he is running against to a debate:

Go West!

Video of the unveiling:

Here is a nice slideshow of the restoration by the Post Star.

Our original report is here.

Excellent commentary on the rising tide of attacks against the Tea Party movement.