Taking the Tea Party to Town Halls! Bishop gets the T. E. A. message!


Last night we joined with Patriots from the Conservative Society for Action and a number of other groups to send a very clear message to Congressman Tim Bishop that the days of socialist nirvana have come to a screeching halt.  Hundreds of fed up constituents swarmed his Town Hall meeting in Setauket, Long Island, to let him know that they are Taxed Enough Already and they did not appreciate a Nancy Pelosi clone representing them in Congress.

So many people showed up that the parking facilities at the Setauket Community House was filled to overflowing and all available on-road parking was taken up for blocks around.  By the time Bishop arrived he had to park three blocks away and run the gauntlet of Tea Party protesters!  The look on his face was priceless as he finally got to the hall.

Once the Town Hall meeting commenced it quickly became apparent that his lackeys in the crowd were far outnumbered by folks with serious issues about all the things Congress has been doing in the past five months.  Cheers went up whenever a questioner raised a good point or contradicted his socialist assumptions about healthcare, global warming, taxes, etc…

The large crowd outside the meeting hall kept up loud chants and managed several times to get protest signs visible in the windows behind the podium.  Excellent questions were raised regarding Cap and Trade, Single Payer Insurance, Second Amendment, Veteran’s Healthcare, and others.

It quickly became obvious that Tim Bishop:

  • supports single payer health insurance and the destruction of our private healthcare industry.
  • supports a ban on ‘assault’ weapons but can’t define the term.
  • is a ‘true believer’ in ‘Global Warming’ and will do anything, including destroying the United States economy, to punish Americans for using what he perceives to be too high a percentage of the earth’s natural resources.
  • really is a Nancy Pelosi clone who agrees with her on every issue in her socialist agenda.  A true member of the ‘Know Nothing” party.
  • needs another job where he can’t harm anything of substance.  Dog catcher comes to mind.

After the meeting was over, Congressman Bishop once again had to run the gauntlet of Tea Party Patriots back to his car.  This time he was escorted by Suffolk County police, but he was dogged by a crowd of about two hundred brandishing signs and singing chants of Pelosi, Bishop, No Difference!  One wag remarked that the only thing missing from that scene was torches being carried by the crowd!

This action was an excellent opening of the second stage of the Tea Party movement.  Holding our elected representatives responsible for their actions!  Look for more of these around the state and the country in coming weeks!

Some pictures are here.

More Video will be available soon.

Lee Zeldin accurately described Bishop as following a Pelosi agenda at :38 into this video from last year.

Moe Lane has more on how another Congressman responded to being interviewed.

Hat Tip:  Instapundit

  1. nyceagled

    Sorry I couldn’t be there, I had a family commitment.
    Looks like I missed a good one!
    Outstanding work, Patriots!

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