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Nobody says it better than Lt. Col. West:

Here is his campaign website!

And another great Allen West website is here!

Robert Stacy McCain reports on the message of the Doug Hoffman campaign and why it is important!

NY23 Ballot

Doug Hoffman’s name is only on the “D’ row, D for Doug!

Doug Hoffman gave a last campaign speech in Watertown:

Victory in 23!

A new poll taken by the Minuteman PAC just a day after the Club for Growth poll shows an even greater increase in support for Doug Hoffman!

Doug Hoffman Gadsden

The Results:

Hoffman (C) – 34%
Owens (D) – 29%
Undecided – 23%
Scozzafava (R) – 14%

Real Clear Politics has the story.

This doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods yet.  That is a big undecided number and the Democrat political machine in Washington is just gearing up its direct assault on Hoffman.  With a 20% lead over Scozzafava it is time for the Republican to throw in the towel and back Hoffman in this race if she is really interested in keeping the seat out of Democrat hands.

Let’s hear what you have to say.

Help Doug cross the finish line Here!

The Other McCain continues his excellent series of reports (this time on a NY Times story) here!

Newt Gingrich continues to get it wrong!

Hoffman cancels one on one debate with Scozzafava:

“Dede Scozzafava is plummeting in the polls,” said Hoffman spokesman Rob Ryan when asked why Hoffman decided not to attend. “She has become a spoiler in this race. The real race is between Doug Hoffman and Bill Owens.”

Quit, Dede, Quit!

Gateway Pundit has more here!

Michelle Malkin reports on Scozzafava’s favorite endorser here!

Joe Scarborough blasts Newt here!

Michelle Malkin piles on!

Allahpundit is now asking is Scozzafava finished?!  So far the survey says YES!

A new poll out by The Club for Growth shows Doug Hoffman now in the lead in the race for Congress in New York’s 23rd district!

Doug Hoffman

The Breakdown:

Hoffman (C) – 31.3%
Owens (D) – 27%
Undecided – 22%
Scozzafava (R) – 19.7%

Lynda reports:

I talked to a realtor friend of mine in North Creek and she said there were no individuals in Minerva, Northcreek, or Pottersville who didn’t know who Doug Hoffman was. There are signs all over Minerva.

The tide is definitely turning, keep up the great work!

It’s never too late to make a donation to the cause!

More here, here and here!

Update: The Democrat National Congressional Committee is turning to negative advertising against Doug Hoffman believing him to be the major threat to their candidate!

Here is excellent background information on how the disastrous Scozzafava nomination came about.

Blue Collar Corner’s Andy Sullivan is doing an excellent job covering this race for New York City Council!

Dan Halloran has been active in the Tea Party movement.  He MC’d the Healthcare Town Hall that was held in Bellerose and was one of the organizers of the Healthcare Tea Party protest outside Gary Ackerman’s office in Bayside.

A former firefighter, Dan has all the qualities and beliefs that make him an excellent candidate for the New York City Council!

Dan’s website is hereHis blog is here.

Newt Gingrich was finally asked the tough question many of us would have liked to ask.

Lisa Miller, Tea Party Patriot and organizer of the July 4 Washington DC Tea Party, caught up with Newt Gingrich at a book signing.

Lisa has the last word here:

Newt made a good point about Doug Hoffman not knowing all the issues facing the 23rd District.  Of course he didn’t when he entered the race.  He’s not a professional politician.  He is a hard working American entrepreneur who jumped into the race when he realized that the two other candidates, with their leftist views, would address any issues from a perspective diametrically opposite of that of a rational conservative.

We need more citizen politicians who use conservative principles and common sense to address the issues of their districts and the nation as a whole.

More here at Hot Air.

To Donate to the Doug Hoffman campaign go here!

The National Issues Forum held a Health Care Forum at the Henry Wallace Visitor Center in Hyde Park tonight.

Henry Wallace Visitor Center

Health Care Forum-Hyde Park

Our Dutchess County GOE Coordinator, Dennis, a former Marine, took the opportunity to take the battle right to the enemy.  He registered to attend and was placed on one of the panels examining the issues.  The reason why individual initiative to face the opposition is important will become immediately apparent from his report:

The health care forum at the Henry Wallace center at the FDR national site in Hyde Park was a National Issues Forum Institute event in which Various proposals about a topic are presented to the public in attendance for them to debate and come to some form of resolution. The topic tonight was Health Care reform. Although they claim to be non partisan, the only proposals they presented were those espoused by the left. No where did they present any of the proposals put forward by the more conservative members of Congress. They knew nothing of Health Savings Accounts. That changed tonight.

About 30 people attended. We were broken up into 2 groups to discuss the 3 proposals to reform health care. I was the only non moonbat at the forum so my work was cut out. At least half my group was pro Obamacare and tended to gang up on me. I don’t want to say that I dominated the discussion but being the only non-Koolaid drinker there I quess I spoke more than anyone else. I know I was able to make several of them think and in fact the moderator mentioned that I made some very interesting points. The reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal came over and asked my name which tends to suggest that the puff piece they were going to print about “reform” will at least have some balance.

I believe that our objective: to deny them a puff piece and get our position out there was successful.

Excellent work, Dennis!

The Poughkeepsie Journal has a story here.

You will no doubt hear or read scathing reports of the ‘disgraceful’ ‘rude’ and ‘insolent’ outburst during Barack Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress last night.

Ignore them.

The fact of the matter is truth was spoken to a man who has consistently and blatantly lied to the American people.

The radical left expects us to play by the rules so they can continue to maneuver and defeat us by ignoring those same rules themselves.  This is straight from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  We cannot allow them that advantage.  In the streets and town halls we have learned how to fight back and press our advantage in numbers to break through the wall of silence the media has built around our dissent.

Joe Wilson scored a major victory in that regard last night.  His outburst gave voice to the frustration that millions of Tea Party Patriots were experiencing as they watched the lies and deceptions pile up all through that speech.  Finally someone was speaking the truth!

Joe Wilson

That session was set up to give Obama a chance to propagandize Americans in a safe venue free from the heckling that would accompany such an effort in a public venue.  The Democrats assumed that the stodgy Republicans would never violate the sacrosanct rules of demeanor.  Joe Wilson made history when he did just that!  And his defiance went out over the airwaves to an audience of millions!

It was sweet justice coming right after Obama had called Sarah Palin a liar (without directly mentioning her name).

So, for patriotic action above and beyond the call of duty, we vote Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, Tea Party Patriot of the Day!

Hit his contribute button on his page if you have a dollar or two to spare because the KosmObamanauts are busy raising money for his opponent!

The SCV Tea Party weighs in!

Hat Tip:  Gateway Pundit

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Here’s a report from Joe Wilson’s Town Hall on Healthcare in August complete with Obamaturfers outside!


In case you are stupid enough to believe the Democrats have never behaved this way…

Hundreds turned out for a Tea Party on the historic Morristown Green!

A small pathetic group of counter protesters march around the periphery of the green with ancient election posters.

Our buddy Tom was there to capture the scenes on video and photos!

Morristown Green was the site of Lafayette telling George Washington and Alexander Hamilton that France was going to assist the colonies in their rebellion against England.

Morristown Tea Party

Morristown Tea Party 1

Morristown Tea Party 2

Morristown Tea Party 3

Steve Malzberg, WOR Radio host gives an excellent speech!

More photos here.

More videos here, here and here!  View them all!