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Photo from Berman Post Blog

Photo from Berman Post Blog

Several hundred people converged in City Hall Park this afternoon to protest the “generational theft act” aka “Porkulus”.

I arrived late after taking part in the Hanoi Jane protest earlier.  I didn’t have my camera today, but Tom had his and sent me the link to is photos and video.

A great set of Photos here.

The crowd was still milling around talking and getting used to the idea that many of them had actually taken part in a protest for their first time.  They were excited and animated.  I hope that they will keep up the pressure.  Congratulations to the organizers for throwing this together on such short notice.

Several NY Bloggers have reports and photos and since they were there for most of the protest I will let them tell about it in their own words:

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Additional reporting was done by:

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On Friday a Tea Party was held in Buffalo, NY.


Political Class Dismissed

Jane Fonda hugging her friend and fellow traitor Jodie Evans.

Jane Fonda hugging her friend and fellow traitor Jodie Evans.

Associated Press covered our protest outside Jane Fonda’s play on Saturday in New York City.  In their article they quote me as stating that Jane Fonda is a traitor.  That is all true.  But they don’t tell you the rest of the story.

One of the central points of the counter arguments the Jane Fonda fans tried to make was that she apologized for her actions and they happened so far in the past that we should give it up.  Unfortunately, that is not so.  The inconvenient truth is that:

  1. Jane Fonda never apologized for getting on Hanoi radio and broadcasting that all American servicemen are ‘War Criminals’.  She actively continued to work with groups and individuals that continued to spread that libel for years afterwards.
  2. Jane Fonda actively supports her friends like Jodie Evans and groups like Code Pink which call our current Iraq and Afghanistan veterans War Criminals and Baby Killers.
  3. Some of those groups actively support the enemy. Code Pink, in particular, raised $600,000 dollars which they gave to the terrorists fighting our troops in Fallujah, Iraq, while at the same time those terrorists were torturing and murdering innocent civilians and fighting our military.  $600,000 buys a lot of ammunition.

Jane Fonda remains a traitor, now and forever, to two generations of American Veterans.

Dan Maloney

NY State Coordinator, Gathering of Eagles


Our friend Alice of the Patriot Guard Riders sends this report:

On April 22, 2008, LCPL Jordan C. Haerter and CPL Jonathan T. Yale sacrificed their lives to save the lives of many others.. When a vehicle laden with 200 pounds of explosives bore down on their check point, Haerter and Yale assessed the situation. They opened fire on the vehicle and driver. They did so knowing that they would surely die. They also knew that this was the only way to save fifty others inside the compound. The driver detonated the explosives well short of his goal.

On Friday, February 20th, Forty-four proud Long Islanders boarded a bus, provided courtesy of the Suffolk County Police, to attend the Navy Cross ceremony in Triangle, Virginia. Jordan’s mom, JoAnn Lyles provided a goody bag containing snacks and a thank you note. Upon arrival, the N.Y. Patriot Guard Riders met up with their Virginia brethren. A flag line was set up outside of the National Museum of the Marine Corps where the ceremony was to take place. As military past and present made their way to the entrance, they saluted the flags.

Inside the attendees anticipated the event. The National Anthem began playing and the Marines snapped to attention. Secretary of the Navy, Donald C. Winter, presented the Navy Cross to both families of the fallen citing their selflessness and bravery. Haerter and Yale were the 26th and 27th Marines to be awarded the Navy Cross since the beginning of the War on Terrorism.

Ms. Lyles sent this message to those that made the trip to honor these brave men.

I am overwhelmed with pride! Thank you for honoring Jordan and Jonathan. Thank you for believing it was important to witness the ceremony and take in the strength of the United States Marine Corps tradition. I think we all have gained in this endeavor. I thank you for the stories shared, the tears and laughter and the utmost honor of your presence. I will forever remember this day, it is etched on my heart. I thank all of you.

Forever Proud mom of LCpl Jordan C. Haerter
JoAnn Lyles”

Photos of the event are here.

For our previous report on the naming of a bridge in honor of LCpl Haerter click here.

AAR – Hanoi Jane in NYC


Eagles from all over the tri-state area, Vietnam Veterans and Patriots, gathered today outside the Eugene O’Neill Theater to express our LOVE and AFFECTION for America’s Most Famous Traitor, Jane Fonda.  Our arrival caught the theater by surprise and we quickly established ourselves directly across the street where our less than flattering chants could not help but be heard by anyone outside the theater and in the backstage dressing rooms.

Jim from Connecticut was the star of the chorus line for the matinee performance.  His ongoing narrative of Jane Fonda’s lies and treachery irked quite a few of the ticketholders.  We were given numerous “Democrat IQ finger salutes” and one woman went so far as to flash her butt at us (thankfully it was clothed).  One Brit looked like he was actually going to come across the street and start trouble, but he was dragged away by his wife (reminiscent of the same thing happening in DC in September of 2007).  Oddly he wasn’t even a ticket holder, just a passerby.  Many of the ticket holders were hard core lefties.  I was surprised at how many chose to argue with us, some quite vehemently.  Either that is the type that Hanoi Jane attracts or that is what is invited to her preview performances.

This repartee continued until they let the now highly agitated moonbats into the theater, but was replayed at the intermission and again as the play ended and people were leaving.  Barbara Walters and some of the ladies from “The View” didn’t like that we singled them out for ridicule as they were leaving, although they didn’t say anything they keep looking back over their shoulders.

Numerous people stopped by to express their support.  A theater worker from another theater was with us for much of the lead-in to the first performance.  A Blue Star Mom and her friends stopped by between performances.  A 10th Mountain Division Iraq War Veteran crossed the street right in front of us and shouted out his support in front of the whole ticket line as he walked by with his girlfriend.

Eric and David took over the verbal jousting for the evening oerformance.  We were much fewer in numbers and the sunset had dropped the temperature considerably, but we still managed to agitate the ticketholders, particularly Roger Ebert the film critic.  The theater management did their best to avoid the worst excesses of the afternoon and let the ticketholders into the lobby early to keep the confrontations to a minimum.

One woman, who emigrated from Russia some years ago came across the street to talk.  During our conversation it emerged that her son was a Marine who had served two tours in Iraq.  I thanked her for her son’s service and explained to her our opposition to Jane Fonda.  I told her about Fonda’s support of Code Pink who had raised $600,000 for the terrorists in Fallujah who were trying to kill her son.  She had never heard about that.

Later I noticed that she was standing outside the theater when most everyone else had entered.  She looked sad and confused.  I was distracted by a conversation with a moonbat and never saw whether she went in.

During the course of the day I received two challenge coins in thanks for our being there to stand up for our troops.

A few pictures from after the first show are here.

I will post a link to more pictures and video as they become availabe.

New York Daily News story is here.

Associated Press Story here.

Jim’s Free Republic Report is here.

Video is here!


Riverine Squadron 2 Iraq

Riverine Squadron 2 Iraq

The military won’t discuss specific SWCC missions, but it will say that SOC-R teams have faced heavy, regular action along the river systems of Iraq. “They’re out there, and they’re engaging,” says Rich Evans, Naval Special Warfare Group 4 command master chief. “There’s been a couple of missions that ended up in the largest firefights that guys on the water have been in since Vietnam.”

Many of these Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, or SWCCs, have survived firefights along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq. Fast, heavily armed SOC-R boats are used mainly to insert or extract Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and other special forces personnel. If the enemy interferes, the SWCC response is, in military speak, “violence of action.” The SOC-R’s five weapon mounts provide a 360-degree field of fire. “Anyone who decides to shoot at us will immediately regret that decision once we start shooting back,” says Mike, my designated SWCC spokesman, his face patterned with green and black grease paint. “We have an overwhelming amount of firepower at our disposal. It’s pretty insane.”

Read the whole article here.

Canadian Infantry at Kandahar, Afghanistan

Canadian Infantry at Kandahar, Afghanistan

Sgt. Russell Storring of the Canadian Army recounts his experiences working and fighting alongside American forces in Afghanistan during three tours in 2003, 2005 and 2008.

Because of their sheer numbers, I have had the opportunity to work closely with U.S. forces on each of my deployments to Afghanistan. I know there are some Canadians who view the U.S. military and foreign policy with suspicion. But from my own experiences, I am wholeheartedly thankful to call them allies and brothers-in-arms.

He contrasts the differences in dedication and professionalism:

On a couple of occasions, for example, soldiers from other nations were caught sleeping in the guard towers overlooking Camp Julian. Doesn’t give you a warm and fuzzy feeling when the people guarding you are sleeping on the job.

And how the Americans were always ready to come to the assistance of our allies when needed:

At one point, after having done over a month of mostly uneventful convoys, we ran into a Taliban ambush a few hours outside of Kabul. It was a November evening with a light rain coming down and the ambush was a quick and dirty attack with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.

As I called in the information on the radio, I was surprised to find out that U.S. planes were already on their way: two Apache attack helicopters and a B-52 bomber on call.

Finally he speculates on possible reasons why the Americans and Canadians work so well together.

By far, the most helpful of all the soldiers I dealt with over these years were the Americans. Maybe it was our common language or similar soldier skills and beliefs, or a whole slew of things that we have in common.

Whatever the reason, I found that being Canadian achieved more of a response or quicker service than what I saw some of our European counterparts were getting from the U.S.

One can only speculate which of our European counterparts he means…

Read the whole thing here.

See Also.

And another story here.

Thank You Canucks!


Who: Hanoi Jane Fonda in NYC
What: Support Our Vietnam/Iraq Veterans Rally

Where: 230 West 49th Street, Between Broadway and 8th Avenue   MapLink

When: Saturday, February 21, 2009,  1 pm to Whenever

Have you had the opportunity to voice your love and affection for Hanoi Jane Fonda yet?
If not, or if you’d just like another go round, join us for a Vietnam era LOVE FEST outside the Eugene O’Neill Theater in Manhattan where the CTB is appearing in a play.

Jane has not changed her left wing stripes.  From the days when she called all of our Vietnam era veterans war criminals to the present when she supports organizations that do the same to our Iraq veterans, Hanoi Jane continues to recite the same old anti-American, anti-Veteran, Support the Enemy mantra.

She cut and run from the “March on the Pentagon” that caused the Gathering of Eagles to be organized.
Now she has come to our home town where we can get a chance to show the LOVE she missed out on in 2007.
There are two performances of the play 33 Variations that day.  2pm and 8pm.  That gives us a whole day to return her LOVE!

Join us to show her the LOVE she has inspired.

Pass this alert to any individuals or groups you think might be interested in participating.

Bring flags and signs bearing appropriate messages of love and affection!

Read “Hanoi Jane, the rash that won’t heal

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

Some suggested signs include: