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The AARP has sold its membership up the river once more.

The leadership displays all the arrogance of feudalism, lording it over their serfs.

It is past time for anyone who belongs to that organization, but who also loves America and our Constitution, to consider cutting their ties.

One alternative of which I am aware is the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) whose members and leadership have taken to the streets alongside our Tea Party Patriots to oppose the nationalization of our Healthcare system.

I am not endorsing AMAC and I have no financial or other ties to it, but it is apparent to me that its vision of the future is clearly superior to that of the socialist AARP.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin for the video

Atlas Shrugs addresses the AARP lies.

Healthcare for America Now (HCAN), front group for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), has declared war on Tea Party Patriots and concerned Americans.  Using their astroturf campaign and their surrogates, the labor union movement is trying to destroy healthcare for those Americans who are not exempt, like themselves, from the nationalized healthcare they support.  Not surprisingly, the SEIU enjoys a curiously close relationship with the White House.


Margarida Jorge and Bob Funk

Margarida Jorge, a former organizing director for SEIU, and now the National Director for HCAN, wrote and distributed a playbook for disrupting Tea Party Patriots and average Americans from exercising their rights of free speech and their access to their representatives in Congress.

Her biography reads:

Margarida Jorge is the National Field Director for Health Care for America Now. In this role, Jorge works with labor, community, faith, grassroots, and progressive organizations to move Members of Congress to support HCAN’s vision of health care reform in ways that build power for permanent local organizations. Previously, Jorge directed Americans for Health Care, SEIU’s grassroots campaign to win health care for all and also worked on candidate elections, state legislative fights, and ballot initiative campaigns in the states. Jorge began her career in the labor movement, where she organized low-income health care workers in the South and the Midwest for nearly 10 years.

Margarida has been celebrated by such luminaries of the communist left as Peoples Weekly World and Political Affairs Net.  She has also served as an advocate for the Missouri Citizen Education Fund who famously accused John Ashcroft of supporting white supremecists.

Here is her dirty tricks playbook via Talking Points Memo:





You can view larger sizes of these images here.

You can download a copy of her playbook here.

Hat Tip:  Race Bannon

Michelle Malkin:  SEIU and the “Persuasion of Power”

Gateway Pundit:  White House and DNC release Labor Goons

Atlas Shrugs has reports of union thuggery and this video:

SEIU Hires Illegal Aliens to do the Astroturfing Real Americans Won’t