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Tonight a few dozen patriots took a stand against socialism in Queens.


They braved the IBEW Local 3 thugs who had a hefty presence in the Union Hall Auditorium to press Congressman Anthony Weiner about Obamacare.


The thugs tried to intimidate one questioner by surrounding him and shouting “Shut Up!”, but for the most part it was Weiner himself who bored the attendees to death with his droning narcissistic ramblings.  He knew his plants and stuck to them as much as possible while avoiding questions from anyone he felt might have a serious issue.

A lot of folks started drifting out early, too bored and sickened to stay and listen to him.

One couple, when leaving, said that they had voted for him but never would again.

The most common words used to describe his performance were liar and weasel.

The turnout was small and patriots predominated.  It was definitely a win for our side.

Video cameras were originally banned, but then later arrivals were able to get them in.

CBS filmed the proceedings, we’ll see if they actually broadcast anything.  They were originally banned by the Congressman but he eventually relented.  Some felt that he did it to prevent a video record of him getting bashed by constituents over his radical left wing healthcare ideas, others are more sure he just didn’t want video of his boring performance to come back to haunt him.


Pictures are here.

For an excellent report from inside the meeting with some video go here!

The Queens Gazette has a brief account here.

Some Russian emigres attended the meeting and expressed to us outside their heartfelt concerns about the direction America is headed.  Read more about the ideas coming out of that conversation here.  The video of their interview is up:

In related news: New Gallup Poll shows Town Hall protests winning over Independents!

Michelle Malkin has a report on another Congressman who hid behind the Union label.

I come from a family that was staunchly pro-Union in the past.

I remember when unions were vitally concerned with dealing with the management schmucks who made the union members’ lives difficult through overbearing decisions and work changes.  Then the unions stood up to fight for their members and for what was right.

Now the unions appear hell bent on putting those same schmucks in charge of our healthcare.

It is a sad day for the unions in this country that they have embraced a plan that will screw everyone else in the country and, eventually, themselves.

Below the fold are the latest action alerts for Congressmen hiding from their constituents behind the unions that are in their pockets:

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