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Former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH) gave a rousing speech to Rochester Tea Party Patriots slamming the Democrat Congress and Administration for their ‘Chicago Bum’ politics.

We need this man back in Congress!

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Rochester will be hosting a Tax Day Tea Party again this year!

This is really too important to miss.

The Democrats including Obama want to pass healthcare reform through the reconciliation trick.  A few years ago they were decrying that same method as the end of democracy in America.  I think they were right then.  What changed?

View the video at Legal Insurrection!

Is it any wonder that Congressional approval has fallen to 10%?

And that the Tea Party movement has issued its own Declaration of Independence?

Tea Party Patriots came out in support of the Million Med March in New York City!

Protesting the Harry Reid vote for cloture in Congress, they attracted the attention of tourists and passersby.

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade was there to capture the action.

America’s Future Fund asks if they can run America’s ENTIRE Healthcare System.

And can they keep cronyism and favoritism out of it?

We think we know the answer.

Keep Government Hands Off Healthcare!

Kill The Bill!

A new video from the League of American Voters:


Breitbart is reporting that the ‘death panels’, which were supposedly removed after Sarah Palin called them to the public’s attention, have found their way back into Pelosi’s version of the bill.  The lying hypocritical Democrats snuck it back in hoping no one would notice.  Seniors were right to worry last time and have every right to be outraged this time.  Dump AARP they are selling you out to the grim reaper!

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But the greedy trial lawyers get protection from tort reform with a penalty for any state that tries to reform on its own!

greed blocks

“a state is not eligible for the incentive payments if that state puts a law on the books that limits attorneys’ fees or imposes caps on damages.”

Who is looking out for who here?

Kill the Bill!!

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit.

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The Socialist Healthcare plan will be released from behind the closed doors of Congress today.

It will include some form of the Public Option which is the means by which they expect to take over the American Healthcare system.

Let us be perfectly clear.  Any form of the public option is a trojan horse designed to undermine private health insurance until your employers or the health insurance industry itself removes private health insurance from the market.

Verum Serum has the evidence:

There are few graver threats to the future of America than this plan.

It is incumbent upon every American to defeat this bill if you want the America your children and grandchildren to inherit to continue to have the best healthcare system in the world.

Don’t let future healthcare be reduced to this:


Hat Tip:  Gateway Pundit

UpdateOk, Here it is All 1,990 Pages.  How many congress critters do you suppose will actually read it?

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin

More at Gateway Pundit.

Rochester Conservative has a breakdown of all the taxes in the bill!

Legal Insurrection finds profound stupidity in the bill!

Paranormal TAXivity, the movie!

The National Issues Forum held a Health Care Forum at the Henry Wallace Visitor Center in Hyde Park tonight.

Henry Wallace Visitor Center

Health Care Forum-Hyde Park

Our Dutchess County GOE Coordinator, Dennis, a former Marine, took the opportunity to take the battle right to the enemy.  He registered to attend and was placed on one of the panels examining the issues.  The reason why individual initiative to face the opposition is important will become immediately apparent from his report:

The health care forum at the Henry Wallace center at the FDR national site in Hyde Park was a National Issues Forum Institute event in which Various proposals about a topic are presented to the public in attendance for them to debate and come to some form of resolution. The topic tonight was Health Care reform. Although they claim to be non partisan, the only proposals they presented were those espoused by the left. No where did they present any of the proposals put forward by the more conservative members of Congress. They knew nothing of Health Savings Accounts. That changed tonight.

About 30 people attended. We were broken up into 2 groups to discuss the 3 proposals to reform health care. I was the only non moonbat at the forum so my work was cut out. At least half my group was pro Obamacare and tended to gang up on me. I don’t want to say that I dominated the discussion but being the only non-Koolaid drinker there I quess I spoke more than anyone else. I know I was able to make several of them think and in fact the moderator mentioned that I made some very interesting points. The reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal came over and asked my name which tends to suggest that the puff piece they were going to print about “reform” will at least have some balance.

I believe that our objective: to deny them a puff piece and get our position out there was successful.

Excellent work, Dennis!

The Poughkeepsie Journal has a story here.

Betsy McCaughey took Anthony Weiner to the cleaners Monday night!


In a hostile environment, with suspicious ‘technical’ problems and facing Weiner’s smarmy obnoxious demeanor and snide remarks, she shone!

Best Line of the night:

“He should be representing US instead of cowtowing to the president!”

Another Great Video…

Photos are here!

More video here and here.

Video and photos credit: Red Squirrel

Second video: AZINYC

The Silent Majority has an excellent report with video and the full audio of the debate here!

Tea Party Patriots held a spirited protest outside the offices of Chuck Schumer!

Schumer Office NYC 10-5-09

Andy Sullivan of Blue Collar Corner covered this one also!

Great job, Andy!

More great pictures here!