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General David Petreaus came to New York City today to be honored by the National Committee on American Foreign Policy with their Distinguished Public Service Award.  Naturally this drives the moonbats crazy and they predictably planned to stage protests at Grand Central Station and again outside the Union Club where the award was to be presented.  Eagles gathered outside the club to offer a pro Amreica, pro Troops counterpoint to their “War Criminal” message.

Urban Infidel filed this report.

The Red Squirrel has a photo album here. and some great videos at the Vigiliant Squirrel Brigade!

These are all photos of Patriot Guard Rider missions in Region 9, Long Island, over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Special Thanks to Alice of the PGR for providing the links to the pictures!

5-24-09 Long Island National Cemetery

PGR-LINational 5-24-09

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5-25-09 Syosset Memorial Day Parade

PGR Syosset Parade 5-25-09

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5-25-09 Calverton National Cemetery

PGR Calverton 5-25-09

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5-25-09 Baldwin Memorial Day Parade

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For more pictures go here.


West Point Graduation Day, May 23, 2009, was idyllic!  Beautiful sunny weather, low humidity, light breezes and NO Moonbats!

For the first time since we have mounted our campaign to welcome the families of West Point graduates there were none of the despicable flag draped coffins lining the West Point Highway!  For the first time in years, graduates’ families could enjoy the day without having to run a gamut of demoralizing images that the hate America crowd used to display all along their route.  It was indeed Victory in Highland Falls Day!

Getting an early start from all points of the compass, Eagles rose early and flocked to Highland Falls where we erected out flags, placed our signs, hung our balloons, manned the outpost outside the Thayer Gate, and cheered and waved to the families of our West Point graduates!

It took three years, but we can truthfully say now that we came, we saw, we conquered!

We also ate a lot of donuts!  Thanks, Bobbie!

It was a wonderful feeling to know that we gave the families of the graduates a sense of the support that most of America feels to their sons and daughters who both enrolled and graduated from our military academy in a time of war. Families like that of Caroline Miller who is the seventh generation of graduates from West Point, the longest unbroken line of graduates in the Academy’s history.

More pictures are here and here.

Although no media reported on our presence (Like that’s a surprise), there were several stories about the graduation and graduates.  A sampling are here, here and here.

Stewart Airport ANG

Four Islamic terrorists, three of them recent prison converts to Islam, were arrested tonight wrapping up a one year investigation during which the suspects believed they had acquired explosive devices and Stinger anti aircraft missles.  The terrorists planned to use the explosives to blow up two Jewish synagogues in the Bronx.  They planned to use the Stinger missiles in an attack on the Air National Guard base at Stewart Airport near Newburgh, NY.

Atlas Shrugs is all over this story.

National Security should have been the central focus of the 2008 elections.  Instead the media subverted the news for their own political objectives.  Thank God the FBI and our local law enforcement agencies kept their eyes on the ball.

*May 18 - 00:05*

Supporting the Troops, New York Style!

As the Daily News reports:

Welcome to New York, sailors!

As Fleet Week rolls into town Tuesday, one Manhattan strip club will be waiting with a special drink called the Drunken Captain and, the owners say, all proceeds will go back to the troops.

HeadQuarters, located just blocks from the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum on the West Side, is selling the cocktail for $16 during Fleet Week. Military personnel can buy it for $10.

“All of us here at HeadQuarters appreciate all the men and women who put themselves at risk every day to allow us to have the freedom to express ourselves,” general manager Serafina Fiori said.

“We welcome them always so they can see firsthand what they’re fighting for!”

The Drunken Captain is a mixture of coconut, mango and pineapple rums with a little pineapple juice and a splash of cranberry.

Fiori said proceeds from the sales of the drink will go to the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Airmen’s & Coast Guard Club in Murray Hill. The club has been housing soldiers and veterans while they visit the Big Apple for the past 90 years.

The annual Fleet Week celebration isn’t all about letting loose. It’s also a chance for the Navy to show off some of its finest war ships.

It’s also a chance for New York businesses to show off some of their finest assets!

Now if the Chesterfield type clubs would do something for the female sailors!

For more on Fleet Week activities go here!


Thousands turned out today to welcome home Cpl Christopher Levi who returned home after an extended stay at Walter Reed Army Hospital while he was fitted and trained to use his new prosthetic legs.  The Arrivals Terminal was a sea of American flags.  So many came out that  all the Patriot Guard Rider Region 9 flags were used as well as many riders’ personal flags.

The escort ride proceeded through a forest of flag arches erected by many volunteer fire departments and then through crowds of well wishers lining the road to his home.

Pictures are here and here.

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An Excellent Video of the entire motorcade passing under the Flag arches.

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Excellent pictures from the Riverhead Fire Department.


The proud Blue Star Moms of NY’s Chapter 1 have pulled off a tremendous victory against all odds!

They saw a need for a soldier’s canteen where troops can rest and relax in a home like setting on the grounds of the Canandaigua VA Hospital.

They identified a victorian structure on grounds which was vacant and in need of repair.

They persevered in pushing their request to obtain a lease on the building all the way up the VA chain of command and, finally, in early April, the papers were signed and the dream became a possibility.

Here is a news report with video.

Here is a slideshow of the condition of the building now.

Much work needs to be done to restore the structure and donations of gift cards in any denomination for stores such as; Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart would be greatly appreciated.  Gift cards and check donations can be mailed to:

Blue Star Mothers
NY Chapter #1
PO Box 426
Bloomfield, NY 14469


A large happy crowd turned out in Rockville Centre today for the 4th Annual Walk of Honor in memory of 1st Lt. Ron Winchester, USMC, a resident of this town who was killed in action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, in 2004.  The fund raiser which benefits the Semper Fi Fund for wounded Marines and the 1st Marine Division Scholarship Fund for the children of Marines who have lost a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The crowd proceeded to march from pub to pub in Rockville Centre enjoying half price drinks, food buffets and excellent comaraderie from 2pm until after 9pm.

Pictures from today are here.