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A Blue Star Mom drove halfway across the country to visit her young son at Fort Drum in New York, home of the 10th Mountain Division.


Jennifer writes:

I am here…I traveled to Fort Drum, New York…a wonderful long drive, to visit my oldest son! I have been here since Thursday spending time with my oldest, seeing his new home and world that he now lives in. It has been amazing on so many levels to visit, as he is a man, and is the age his dad was when I married.

Our soldiers that live in the barracks(at least here) are young- under 25, and are so normal. It was like going into my sons rooms at home. The troops have posters up, and TVs, game systems, and well~ guy mess, but the thing that resonates the most with me is the youthfulness. When I went to my son’s room his roommate was playing Connect Four(a board game)…and they all were goofy to the fact that Bill’s mom came to see him and brought lots of stuff from home. It was like Christmas for everyone around as they helped carry up stuff and then laughed and looked at what I brought. Fourth made brownies for her big brother- which then was shared by all…they loved the home made goodies!

But I was reflective when I left that first day to go to the base hotel. I realized that these young folks are the heart of our land. I was humbled at how they are from every corner of the nation and that they are still crossing over to adulthood although they are men. I met many that had been to Iraq or Afghanistan more than once and I truly have no words. These troops are not harping and moaning because a cop showed up at a professors home(which by the way was the job that the policeman should do)- no these soldiers are wearing the uniform so that we have the rights of law enforcement…and even the right to act like a fanatical nut—and then suggest that your behavior is because of racism…Our troops since the formation of our land have been the paving stones to all of the rights we enjoy so much. Ponder that as you think about the case I just wrote about. No one has executed the professor or for that matter the police officer- other countries citizens are not as fortunate.

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