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Why won’t American Media Broadcasters cover the scandal?

Could they be so invested in their socialist ideology that they would not report the truth when it slapped them in the face?  Heh, like we need to ask that question!  Of course they are.

At least Canadians are getting the straight scoop:

Fox News has been the only broadcaster consistently reporting the news on this.  Here Sean Hannity interviews Congressman James Inhofe:

And here Bill Hemmer moderates debate between Jonah Goldberg of National Review and Nat Keohane of the Environmental Defense Fund:

One of our favorite Blue Star Moms let loose today in her farewell address with a full frontal blast at the media.

For those who thought Sarah Palin was going to fade into obscurity…  I’d suggest you think again.

Visit Atlas Shrugs’ coverage and listen to part 2 of Sarah Palin’s farewell address.  About 7 minutes in she talks about her future plans.

An image like this might come to mind:


Or even this:

xena warrior princess

The coming months may make the old saying about grabbing a tiger by the tail obsolete.

An Australian commenter had this to say:

Hi there my American friends! She is FANTASTIC! That is obvious even from as far as AUSTRALIA. The more I listen to her and read about her the more I admire and love her. She is not only a natural leader of Free American People but she is a natural leader of ALL FREE PEOPLE! The DEGENERATES, TRAITORS, COMMUNO-FASCISTS, TOTALITARIAN COLLECTIVISTS, PARASITES, SOCIAL BARBARIANS hate her because they recognise subconsciously (as they aren’t capable of a rational thinking) that she is equipped with something really unique – a STRATEGIC MIND.

Strategic mind is a rare gift from the God (if you are a believer) or from the Nature (if you are not), a kind of a genius that allows you to draw a right and precise conclusion from the shred of information. Strategic mind characterises great military commanders, people who win strategic battles and wars. It doesn’t really matter that a strategic mind can sometimes be a bit lousy with the details of a secondary or tertiary importance, because those details are indeed unimportant, and strategic mind can easily reach for them to advisors, encyclopedia, or internet. Strategic mind also has a capability to learn very fast (and Sarah has a proved that she, indeed, can), so Sarah will be better and better prepared to take over the leadership of your great nation from day to day.

Lets be frank about that; There is no one on the political firmament in the US that can compete with her. Of course, there other fantastic guys and gals, almost equally quallified as Sarah like Gen Petraeus, Col. Allen West from Florida, Rick Kantor, Michelle Bachman, Liz Cheney and many others, but there is NO DOUBT that she is THE BEST.

That about sums it up.

Hat Tip:  Gateway Pundit, Granite Grok

That Old Lying Media

The Media and Vietnam:

Lessons for Today

CRITICS of the war in Iraq like to claim they “oppose the mission” but “support the troops.” But the experience of Vietnam shows that turning our backs on the mission always means turning our backs on the courage of those who fought for that mission, and what they achieved through their skill and sacrifice. …

Excellent Article in our own NY Post here