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Tea Party Patriots in Raleigh, North Carolina torned out en masse to show President Obama what the real grassroots think of his bid to socialize the healthcare system of the United States.

Randy writes:

Interesting day at President Obama’s Town Hall meeting at Broughton High, but first just let me say ”We kicked the liberals’ asses in numbers, debate and behavior.  Found it interesting how they send a agitator into our conservative groups.  Then they say something really stupid or insulting, trying to get you angry and have cameras ready to get it on film.  It was so obvious, we all started laughing and ignoring them.  Then they started to get right in your face and asking bait questions.   One of them kept asking what my age was?  It really wasn’t none of their business, so I didn’t respond, got no time for those childish games.  They were picking on a Vietnam vet next to me who was having a cigarette and yelling at him for smoking and using VA dollars to treat him.  They set him off a little, but the conversation ended with this girl maybe in her early 20’s stating that she hoped he died of lung cancer.

Nice people these Socialists.

Read the whole thing with great photo coverage here.

Hat Tip:  Instapundit

Atlas has more pictures and a first hand account of lefty pressure through Twitter here.