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Australian Naval Ensign Pic

Our steadfast southern allies arrived at New York in two ships of the Australian Navy this week.

The HMAS Ballarat and HMAS Sydney visited New York in the company of the USS Mahan in commemoration of 100 years of naval alliance and cooperation.

HMAS Ballarat

Red Squirrel, undoubtedly enticed by the appearance of the red kangaroo on the stacks, took the opportunity to visit the ships while they were open to the public today.

USS Mahan-HMAS Sydney

Her outstanding report and a plethora of photos are at the Vigilant Squirrel Brigade website.

Joe the Marine sent me this photo of a new sign they have up at the Elmira Troop Support Rally.

Victory is the answer sign

It is a response to the moonbat banner “War is Not the Answer” the likes of which we have seen at almost every protest we have countered and innumerable times on bumper stickers.

I think USAF Major Steven A. Givler stated the case very well in an interview several years ago:

When I see those ‘war is not the answer’ bumper stickers, I always wonder ‘what was the question?’ Because maybe we’re talking different questions. Certainly, if the question is ‘What do you do about a group of men who believe in slavery, who are completely dedicated to killing every one of us, and who cannot be negotiated with,’ the war is definitely the answer.

People with those bumper stickers remind me of people who think meat comes from a grocery store. They have completely forgotten that something had to die in order for them to eat, and before it found its way to that sterile Styrofoam tray, that steak went through a very messy process. They have forgotten too, that our founding fathers said that occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots. It amazes me that they seem unaware that, were it not for war, their bumper stickers, if they were allowed to have them, would be printed in German, or Japanese, or Russian. War, and our success at it, is precisely what has earned them the freedom to be so naive.

Unfortunately, the world is an imperfect place. Evil exists. Some people are so given over to it that there is nothing else that can be done with them other than to kill them. I know this is difficult for some people to believe. I wish I could show them what I’ve seen, like the Brothel Palace, outside of Baghdad, where Saddam and his friends imprisoned women they kidnapped off the streets. Or maybe I could introduce them to Iraqis who were forced to watch their family members fed feet-first (to prolong the suffering) through plastic shredders. Maybe that would change their minds, but probably not. That’s alright. I’ve been there. I know that 5 million Iraqis owe their freedom to a war fought for them by Americans. I know that for them, war has definitely been the answer.

Hat Tip for interview segment: Annika’s Journal