AAR: Tea Party Storms Hicksville July 30, 2009

Dr. Betsy McCaughey joined the Tea Party Patriots who swarmed Hicksville today!


The former Lt. Governor of New York State, and founder of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, brought a huge binder which contained only half the Obamacare bill which would effectively destroy private healthcare in New York.  She gave a great speech outlining just some of the provisions in the bill that will sideline healthcare for seniors and gut many services for those with chronic ailments such as dementia.

All of Dr. McCaughey’s writings about the proposed Nationalization of our Healthcare system can be found here.

Hundreds turned out for the Tea Party and passing motorists overwhelmingly responded favorably to the Tea Party message!

Some of the groups represented include; Individuals United for Freedom, Conservative Society for Action, Gathering of Eagles, Campaign for Liberty, 912 Groups, Long Island Tea Party Coalition, Rockville Centre Tea Party, etc…

The Tea Party patriots represented a huge swath of society from a 97 year old cutie:


To teenagers worried about their future under Obamacare:


All had unkind words for the President, the Congress and Local Representatives:




And for those seniors who realize that the AARP has thrown them under the Obama bus we even have a rational alternative:


The Association of Mature American Citizens.

But what really sets the Tea Party Patriots apart from the Socialized medicine Obamabots are the beautiful smiling faces:







For at the heart of it that is the major difference, these people love life, their neighbors and their country.  The Socialist ‘do-gooders’ in Congress love control and nothing else.  I’d rather stand with the Tea Party Patriots any time.

For more of my pictures go hereMore pictures are here.

Video by Alternative News Net:

Video by Pamela Hall:

Some more video of Betsy’s speech is here:

Part 1,   Part 2

Another video of the speechYet a third video of the speech.

Video of the crowd along the curb.

Read The Silent Majority’s excellent report with Photos and Videos!


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