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A medley of groups held a march in Times Square today.  The familiar lefties who are always accusing the US of wanting to wage war on Iran were there as would be expected.  But there were also some new players in town including monachists and communists who wouldn’t associate with the appeasement crowd!


The Silent Majority covered the action here.

Urban Infidel checks in:

I went to the protests in Times Square today against the Islamic Regime in Iran and what I found was interesting and surprising. There were two separate demonstrations taking place.

Read her report and see the pictures here.

Continuing the string of victories against the Obama bots harping nationalized health care, Tea Party Patriots took to the streets in left haven New Paltz, NY today and again, on short notice outnumbered the minions of the CCCnP.

Pam writes that 20 patriots faced off against 4 Obamanauts and a dog!

It was unclear why the dog would associate with lower life forms like that!

Some video:

Pam writes:

The video didn’t turn out very good.  I was too far away and we were stretched along both sides of the entrance to the mall.

They (the CCCnP) were supposed to be there at 11:00, but I wasn’t aware of any of them until about 11:30.  They probably saw us and went “Uh oh what do we do now?” They individually tried to “engage” us.  There was a particularly nasty one with a dog.  I handed a few of them my cards.  One asked if I’d like to organize a “forum or town hall” style debate and I simply said “no”.  I have no time for these types.

They were all aging hippie types.  Finally about noon, we were down to about 6 folks (yea Victor!) on one corner and they got their little signs and staked out the other corner.  I figured our job was done….and called it a day.

Oh, and the CCCnP (Amazingly familiar acronym there…) supposedly stands for the Coalition of Concerned Citizens of New Paltz.   Sure it does…

Chalk up another Tea Party Patriots victory!

Another Outstanding Day for Tea Party Patriots!


ACORN and their new front group Act Now were pwned by Tea Party Patriots again on Long Island!

When they couldn’t win their arguments with facts, the ACORN employees tried to intimidate the Tea Party folks.  No way that could work with dedicated Patriots!  So ACORN cut and run when the going got tough, and repeated that sorry performance twice in one day.

Sonny sends this report:

I’m no reporter so bear with me.  Today I felt the same pride inside me matching the feeling I get whenever I read of our Founding Fathers’ activism.  It might sound over exaggerated, but it doesn’t change how I feel.  Today we scored a victory some may see as trivial, I see as momentous.  Either way as a patriot it is overwhelming.  Today I witnessed and participated in seeing ‘grass-roots folk’ come together in an instant and square off with, as of yesterday, an unchallenged foe in our cause-ACORN.  We arrived at King Kullen this morning in Commack and as planned found ACORN petitioners signing up unaware patrons of the shopping center coming and going.  They were asking people to sign a petition favoring Obama’s Health Care plan.  We were there to give the other side and people listened.

ACORN produced four ‘workers’ we amassed 40 patriots complete with signs, banners, flyers, stickers, posters and a few loud voices.

ACORN 4 – Patriots 40.

I was told they were ‘workers’ for the organization We-Can(?)  We were the people on the street giving up a beautiful warm Saturday morning to be heard.

I once read that 1 man defending his home is worth 20 paid mercenaries sent to destroy it.  Believe it.

ACORN being outnumbered, out voiced and literally out debated left the area in a hurry. We followed.

After receiving communication that they fled to Stop and Shop in Bohemia 40+ patriots showed up and overwhelmed them there too. What a sight. Again ACORN took flight. They didn’t know how to react other then demanding we leave. We demanded an equal moment of time to discuss the meat and potatoes of the Obama health Care plan, they refused and retreated. I witnessed many passersby refusing to sign their petition; one even scratched their name off the list after we spoke to them. Almost every person I encountered was interested and I was relieved as almost all agreed with us. There was a little drama when a passerby vehemently argued for the plan, it was contentious but that’s liberty and democracy at work.

The only news agency seen was a local group from Alternative News based here on LI. The police were on scene, but remained out of the way as we did our own policing and respecting of the peace.

Score this a huge victory.  I hope this inspires everyone to get up and get off the side-lines.  You want change, than be silent no more! Silence is another form of consent, don’t be silent-don’t consent.

Known organizations present and represented: Campaign for Liberty, CSA, 9/11 Glenn Beck group, and by me. Others were ordinary people who heard last night and dropped their plans and showed up. What a moment.

Video by Project Shining City

Excellent work by all involved!