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There is no doubt now that the Tea Party movement has risen from the grassroots and has spread and energized patriotic Americans on a scale not seen since September 11th.  The mainstream media refuses to publicize the overwhelming numbers and size of these events so we need to spread the word ourselves.  How better than a carnival of Tea Parties?

Here are a few recent videos of Tea Parties from near and far.

Columbus, Ohio

Troy, Michigan

Western Michigan

Raleigh, North Carolina

Austin, Texas

Fort Collins, Colorado

Long Island, New York

Indianapolis, Indiana

And Gateway Pundit has some photos up from

Bristol, Virginia

Bristol VA Tea Party

Bristol, Virginia

From time to time we will add updates in posts like this to get the word out that a revolution is brewing all across the land!

Citizen Times

Previously we reported on the ethics violations at the Asheville Citizen-Times uncovered by the Asheville Tea Party.

At last writing a meeting was to take place with the President and Publisher of the newspaper.

It will come as no surprise that meeting was cancelled over objections that it would be videotaped.

Transparency in Media?  Perish the thought!

Hat Tip:  Instapundit

This is certainly disturbing news.

obama caravan guns drawn

Reports from Tea Party protesters in Bristol, Virginia, report that the presidential motorcade escorting Barack Obama to a town hall style meeting included an SUV of Secret Service agents with windows open and weapons leveled at the protesters on the street.

The enlarged segment of a photograph, posted on Gateway Pundit, is inconclusive, but eyewitnesses, many who called a local talk radio show, all seem to have witnessed the same thing.

One commenter at the blog Somebody Needs to Say It writes that the Virginia State Police, providing roadside security were not ‘pleased’ to have a gun pointed at their backs.

Yes we did have a M4 pointed at us. The VA State police where not pleased either to have a gun pointed at their backs. I have never been at a motorcade where the one suv filled with some special op or something had all the windows down showing the arsenal either.
The car with the M4 was 17 card back from Obama’s Limo way to far back to have prevented anything.

Knowing the professionalism of the Secret Service, and having been exposed to their procedures, I immediately questioned if this was the same organization that I have seen in the past.  Or is this something new?

Perhaps this is the first sighting of the Obama Corps.  Only time will tell.


Commenters on Gateway Pundit say that this is standard operating procedure for Presidential motorcades, that this vehicle is the Combat Assault Team (CAT) which is NOT part of the personal protection team which many of us are familiar with.  Even so, some mention that they have never heard of them pointing their weapons at civilians.

**2nd Update**

Video of the motorcade.  It appears the vehicle in question was NOT an SUV.

Breda Writes:

Obama rolls by in his limo about 40 seconds into the video and at about 1:38, a dark sedan passes the camera, back window rolled down. You can hear some people in the crowd begin to exclaim after they realize there was an agent in the back seat pointing a rifle at them. This is vastly different than the standard image of a member of the U.S. Secret Service Counter Assault Team in the back of a motorcade SUV.

Hat Tip:  The Breda Fallacy

Our friend and compatriot, Bubba, has more video here.