What Journalistic Integrity? Part 3,567,421

The Asheville Tea Party has outed yet another journalist moonlighting for the far left wing.

Boyd WNC for Change

Leslie Boyd, reporter with the Asheland Citizen-Times, is also a nationalized healthcare activist and was a speaker at a MoveOn.org rally in Asheland last night.  This is a clear violation of the code of ethics of the Gannett Corporation, parent of the Asheville Citizen Times.  Perhaps her intense interest in the subject is the reason why the A C-T devoted four articles favorable to the astroturf MoveOn.org activists and not a single one to the Grassroots Asheville Tea Party which opposes the takeover of the American healthcare industry.

We have known for many years the media was in the camp of the far left in this country, but usually they hide it.  Not any more!

The Asheville Tea Party is all over the story and is pushing the A C-T to respond to the clear ethics violations.

Read the full story here.

Randy Hammer A C-T

If after reading the full story you’d like to write to Randy Hammer, President and Publisher of the A C-T.

Mr. Hammer’s email is: rhammer@ashevill.gannett.com

Hat Tip: Instapundit

Hes the media become nothing more than stenographers for Rahm Emanuel?

Gateway Pundit reports on yet another MoveOn/ACORN vs. Tea Party Patriots faceoff yesterday in St. Louis!


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