Sarah Palin: Target of Barack Obama Dirty Tricks Squad

We’ve all heard the vacuous talking heads of the Main Stream Media expounding endlessly on the ethics violations probes that have been launched over the past several months against former Governor Sarah Palin.


Naked Emperor News did some investigative journalism (You know: the work main stream media ‘journalists’ won’t do) and discovered shocking evidence that the bogus ethics violations were all coming out of a small interconnected group of left wing activists being orchestrated from the White House office of Peter Rouse, Senior Advisor to the President.

The video “Ethicsgate” was produced which detailed the interconnections and used audio of radio interviews with the perpetrators to show the fallacy of their non-connectedness.  One of the left wing bloggers lodged a copyright complaint with Youtube and forced the removal of the video expose.  Read the pink bar at the top.  It says:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright violation claim by Jeanne Devon

Jeanne Devon, aka Mudflats, was one person exposed in the video as being part of the conspiracy.

Next the video was loaded on the website Sevenload.  And now that copy has been removed as well.

Photo/video is not available

Luckily a copy still exists out there on yet a third site:

Hurry and view it now before it is scrubbed again by the Obama machine.

The lack of investigation by the main stream media makes them complicit in these actions.


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