Sean Hannity Screws A Hero

Erstwhile Conservative Icon Sean Hannity managed to screw a true hero in March.

UPDATE: Lt. Col. Labate asks for a cease fire on Sean Hannity!

Meet Lt. Col. Stephen Labate, U.S. Army Reserves, Iraq War Veteran and candidate for congress in New York’s 2nd Congressional District.

Labate, a staunch conservative, was the front runner, with strong Tea Party support, for the Republican nomination when Hannity stuck his foot into the middle of the process to suggest that his friend, John Gomez, would make an ideal candidate for that district.

Hannity admits that he had no idea of the situation on the ground or who was running before getting involved.  In effect he made a mockery of the title of his new book “Conservative Victory”.

The feckless Republican leaders, with visions of Sean Hannity fundraisers dancing in their heads, decided that they would select Hannity’s friend as their nominee.  Now the district is going to be convulsed with a needless primary because of Sean’s vanity.

We call upon other veterans to boycott any book signing appearances with Sean ‘Vanity’ Hannity for his disregard of the Tea Party Movement and his blind blundering into the affairs of his own congressional district.

While you’re at it, why not participate in the MoneyBomb for Lt. Col. LaBate!

More Hannity Shenanigans here.

  1. electstephenlabate

    G-D Bless the Eagles….

  2. phxdon

    While I tend to agree with much that Hannity espouses, I frequently have to remind myself that he has become seriously self-righteous. All this “you’re a great American” praise has gone to his head.

    We all should keep in mind that just because he has the 2nd largest microphone in America, doesn’t mean he has the solutions to all the nations problems.

    Humble? I think not, it’s just an act. His boasting about how he “just sent a large check” is anything but humble. I don’t hear Rush or Beck mention very often how they just “sent a large check” to their favorite charity.

    Don’t misunderstand, it’s a great cause and great that he is able to flow power to the Freedom Foundation. But
    is it really necessary that he let us all know daily?

    So keep in mind that his pushing his friend into the forefront of a political race, is just to assuage his own ego.

    I can get behind a book-signing boycott, but if possible a donation to the Freedom Foundation might be in line.

    Anyway, that is just my humble opinion.

  3. This is a reprint from the CSA Meetup site thread dated April 1st, 2010.

    Let’s not blame Hannity for decisions made by the Suffolk County Republican Party. Hannity knows he made a mistake by becoming involved and then attempted to level the playing field by mentioning Steve Labate on his radio show at least a half dozen times.

    I talked to Republican leaders who admitted that the vote was close and that the nomination was a tough call. To blame this on Hannity, however, is not fair. Hannity assured Republican leaders that he would support either candidate. If you feel the process was not fair, please take it out on those who actually made the decision.

    The leaders involved were:

    John Lavalle, Suffolk County Republican Chairman
    Toni Tepe, Huntington Town Republican Chairman
    Tony Pancella, Babylon Town Republican Chairman
    Dan Ellis, Smithtown Republican Chairman
    Frank Tantone, Islip Town Republican Chairman

    These people — NOT HANNITY — made the decision.

    Anyone who wants to make their feelings known should contact these people.


    Stephen Flanagan
    Conservative Society for Action

  4. labateforcongress2010

    To all: We need to stop the personal attacks on Sean Hannity. We cannot blame Hannity for a decision made by the leadership of the Suffolk County Republican Party.

    I agree with Sean that he owes no explanation as to why he supported his friend. He agrees with me, however, that getting involved in local politics may not have been the most prudent choice. Hence, Sean quickly backed off and even attempted to level the playing field.

    I am honored by the words of support on this forum and many others. However, this issue is being used by those who do not share our values as a platform to advance their own political agenda against Sean Hannity.

    I do not feel the decision of the Suffolk County GOP reflects the true voice of the Republican Party and rest assured I will continue to fundraise and keep all my options open. However, I ask that any angst be directed to those persons that made the decision, not Sean Hannity.

    Again the leadership of the Suffolk GOP made the decision **NOT Sean Hannity**. Anyone who wants to make their feelings known should contact them directly.

    Thank you again for all your support and God Bless America!

    Stephen A. Labate
    Candidate 2nd Congressional District
    Liberty is worth Defending!

  5. electstephenlabate

    The fight has JUST begun.

    Labate asserts he is in this until the end despite GOP LaValle’s premature nomination of celebrity candidate.


    Tell them how you feel about losing the best hope to de-seat Israel. Tell them THIS is NOT the time to gamble with a long shot!!!!

    John Jay LaValle, Chairperson

    County Headquarters
    3340 Veterans Memorial Highway
    Bohemia, NY 11716
    Tel: (631) 580-1482Fax: (631) 580-1400

    GOP’s obvious mistake DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CONSERVATIVE PARTYS mistake as well.

    Mr. Edward M. Walsh Jr.

    Conservative Party Chairperson

    211 Apex Lane

    East Islip, New York 11730

    Can the people’s voice be heard? Will they REALLY be SILENT NO MORE?? Are the grass-roots up to the challenge???


    We must make sure we can not be denied, November is being decided NOW.

    We must have the BEST chance to remove Steve Israel and restore order to the 2nd Congressional District.

    Bombs Away!!!

    Liberty IS worth defending

    Adam Rosenblatt

  6. Please link to my blog which is written in support of Steve Labate

    Elizabeth A Lavars, Retired Captain, USAF

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