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All through 2009 and into 2010 they have turned out.  Streams of Patriots from small towns and hamlets in the dozens, hundreds, thousands and eventually millions on 9-12 to take our country back.  This year the Tax Day Tea Party is sweeping New York State once again.

Updated 4/15/10 – Lets get out there and Party!

This map is a  listing of the Tax Day Tea Party events we know of:

Click on the map to access the Google Map with specifics on each location including those added after this image was taken.

There are three Tea Party Express Stops (Red) in New York State this year, Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany on April 12th and 13th.

Green markers indicate events on April 15th.

Blue markers indicate events on Saturday April 17th.

Many more will take place in smaller locations throughout the state.  If we get word of them beforehand we will post their information on the map.

Come out and join your fellow patriots and start our March to November!

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