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New York is home to the largest Veterans Day Parade in the nation.  This year over half a million people either marched or watched.

Photo by DNA Info/Yepoka Yeebo

Photo by Urban Infidel

This year’s theme was “Freedom is not Free” and Korean War Veterans were singled out for recognition.

A special contingent of Korean Veterans joined the parade to Thank the U.S. for its continued support.

The light blue jackets in the following video are worn by U.S. Korean War Veterans:

Fifth Avenue was packed with marchers while crowds lined the sidewalks to cheer them on!

Here is a video to give you a taste of what it was like.  The band in this video is the Seaman High School Band from Topeka, Kansas.

The Urban Infidel was there again this year to record the march in pictures and video!

Among the groups participating were the Patriot Guard Riders, the New York Fire Riders and many more.

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Video of the unveiling:

Here is a nice slideshow of the restoration by the Post Star.

Our original report is here.

In the sleepy hamlet of Granville, NY, in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains, adjoining the border of Vermont, history and a commitment are being honored.

The Village has issued an invitation to the rededication of the Veterans Clock which has been restored after it ceased to function 25 years ago.

Saturday, September 18th, 5pm, Corner of Main and North Streets.

The original clock on that site was attached to the Granville National Bank Building which was erected in 1875.  On November 30, 1942, the old bank building was destroyed in a fire and the clock destroyed.

On January 7, 1943, a letter to the Editor, written by Malcolm F. Kelley, was published which proposed replacing the clock with a new one which would commemorate the men serving in World War II.

In March the American Legion secured permission from the Washington County National Bank to mount a new electric clock on the corner of their building.

The clock is to bear an appropriate inscription as a memorial to the boys who are now fighting America’s battles in defense of democracy

Fundraising for the clock began in May, 1943, starting with a Tag Sale.

The contest for the inscription was also proceeding rapidly.

The townspeople were generous with donations.

The Fire Department planned a carnival for July 3rd, which was hugely successful and pushed the project over the funding goal line.

In the weeks following, the inscription was chosen, the clock was ordered, and preparations for the dedication were made.

On Sunday, September 26, 1943, the veterans clock, one of the first memorials to the troops fighting in World War II was dedicated.

For 40+ years the bronze clock with its stained glass clock face and inscriptions steadily chimed every quarter hour, rain, snow or shine.  Two generations grew up in Granville to the reassuring certainty of the clock.

Then, twenty five years ago, it fell silent.  The bronze hands, long the standards for punctuality, stood motionless.  The chimes, those melodious beacons, which proclaimed the march of time throughout the center of town, rang no more.

And so it sat, forlorn, a mockery of its own inscription, “Lest We Forget”. Continue Reading »

Gathering of Eagles
Action Alert

West Point Graduation 2010

What: Support Our Military Cadets and Their Families
When: Saturday, May 22nd, 7am to 1pm
Where: Highland Falls, NY, Memorial Park

The radical left protesters, who used to line the highway to West Point on graduation day with flag draped coffins to demoralize the families of our cadets, are planning a big comeback this year.

Unhappy that the president they helped elect is continuing military policies that were started under George W. Bush, they are trying to turn out large numbers to protest those policies under Barack Obama.  In December they turned out about 200 protesters including IVAW confessed rapist Mathis Chiroux.

The President will be present at West Point to address the graduates.
Please join us to stage a Support the Troops rally at Memorial Park and give the families of our young men and women a positive experience to remember as their sons and daughters embark upon their military careers.

The early start time is to avoid the traffic congestion of the families arriving to witness the graduation as well as provide us time to set up flags and signs to welcome them and express our support.

The After Action Report from the 2009 Graduation is here.

This is a list of media and blog reports on the Tax Day Tea Party events throughout New York.

Go here for coverage of the Tea Party Express.

Check back as this list will be updated with more links to pictures, video and media reports as they become available.

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Gathering of Eagles’ Laptops for Wounded Warriors program was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Friday distributing six laptops to our wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans!

George Samek, Vietnam Veteran and founder of the laptop program, shares a moment with Nicholas, one of the recipients.

It was a great honor to present the laptops to our brave Wounded Warriors, as a Vietnam Vet I feel we who have seen combat have a duty to pay forward to those who now serve.

The Gathering of Eagles Has presented 53 laptops and we will continue as donations are received. Thank you for your service Nicholas, Welcome Home Brother.

Family and GOE members converse as Fred Peterson explains the use of the Dragon Speak software that accompanies every laptop.

Thank you, Nicholas, for your service!

And a big ‘Well Done’ to George and all of the GOE Laptop crew who do an outstanding job of troop support!

We have always heard that RAF pilots were a tough breed, but this account is nearly unbelievable!

An RAF Flight Lieutenant, Ian Fortune, (was his middle name Good? ..ed.) was shot between the eyes when his Chinook helicopter, similar to the one pictured above, came under heavy fire while he was lifting off on a casualty evacuation flight from a besieged base in Afghanistan.  Bleeding profusely, he managed to maintain control over his damaged aircraft and pilot it and it’s cargo of wounded safely to a nearby base.

Besides the casualties, the helicopter also carried British TV presenter Mike Brewer whose team was shooting footage in the war zone.

Jolly Good Show, Ian!

Read more about the story here and here.

Hat tip: Rantburg

Don Surber has more and another photo of Ian.

Updated 10-15-10:

Video of the flight!

Hat tip:  This Ain’t Hell


Democrat Congressman Eric Massa has resigned his office effective Monday.

“I am guilty,” Massa told his House and campaign staff in a conference call Friday, according to a participant.

Massa’s acknowledgment of inappropriate behavior comes as the House’s majority Democrats struggle with ethics matters among their own ranks despite promising to clean up Congress when they came to power.

More hereOur earlier report is here.

More explosive details about Massa’s Navy Reputation here!

Word is just out:

Story here at Wash Po.

More here, here and here.

This Ain’t Hell remembered this video:

In related news:  Airport for Sale!


The Wreaths Across America convoy from Maine to Arlington Cemetery crossed New York State Thursday.

Alice files this report:

The morning was a very chilly one. We were invited by the Darien, CT, VFW Post 6933 to gather there.  Along with a warm place to wait they provided us with hot beverages and breakfast. They were very gracious hosts.

After the group had finished eating we went outside to begin the first leg of our trip.  There were many cages [cars] and a few brave souls rode their motorcycles.

We proceeded out of the parking lot escorted by LEO [police] who took both front and rear positions.  The tractor trailers carrying the donated wreaths joined in along the way.

Here is a video from Darien:

Our first  stop was at Darien High School.  The ceremony began with the raising of the flag and a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. The band played God Bless America. Members of “Support Our Soldiers”, or SOS as they refer to themselves, read letters written by middle and high school students to those deployed.  Speeches were given by the members of the student body and faculty as well.  A Gold Star Mom let everyone know how much it means to them that their cherished children who paid the ultimate price haven’t been forgotten. She said that is a Gold Star Parent’s biggest fear. The Worcester Wreath Company presented them with one of their wreaths. One teacher, complete with kilt and all, ended the ceremony by playing Amazing Grace on his bagpipe.

We got back on the road with NY PGR taking the lead just behind the LEO.  They managed traffic very well. The most impressive sight was on the George Washington bridge.  All lanes were blocked so that the escort were the only vehicles crossing it. Continue Reading »