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Erstwhile Conservative Icon Sean Hannity managed to screw a true hero in March.

UPDATE: Lt. Col. Labate asks for a cease fire on Sean Hannity!

Meet Lt. Col. Stephen Labate, U.S. Army Reserves, Iraq War Veteran and candidate for congress in New York’s 2nd Congressional District.

Labate, a staunch conservative, was the front runner, with strong Tea Party support, for the Republican nomination when Hannity stuck his foot into the middle of the process to suggest that his friend, John Gomez, would make an ideal candidate for that district.

Hannity admits that he had no idea of the situation on the ground or who was running before getting involved.  In effect he made a mockery of the title of his new book “Conservative Victory”.

The feckless Republican leaders, with visions of Sean Hannity fundraisers dancing in their heads, decided that they would select Hannity’s friend as their nominee.  Now the district is going to be convulsed with a needless primary because of Sean’s vanity.

We call upon other veterans to boycott any book signing appearances with Sean ‘Vanity’ Hannity for his disregard of the Tea Party Movement and his blind blundering into the affairs of his own congressional district.

While you’re at it, why not participate in the MoneyBomb for Lt. Col. LaBate!

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Mark Levin, Constitutional Lawyer, Best Selling Author and Outspoken Critic of Statism in America made a valid statement last night during an interview with Sean Hannity.

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