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Sgt Eddie Ryan, the Marine Corps sniper who was mortally wounded by friendly fire in Iraq in 2005, but recovered by the grace of God and the inner strength of his family and himself, retired from active duty in the United States Marine Corps yesterday.

Former Marine and GOE Dutchess County Coordinator Dennis Maloney sends this after action report:

It was a gray day with a piercing chill at Stewart Airport but the cause of the event brought an inner warmth to all present (about a hundred guests). Two platoons of dress blue clad US Marines stood at attention and then at ease as Sgt Eddie Ryan, USMC, in his dress blue uniform sitting in his wheelchair was retired from active service after 8 years of duty.

The several speakers described how Eddie always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and be a Marine. They related the several actions in which Eddie participated. It was told how Eddie wanted to be and then became a Marine sniper before his 2nd deployment and how on that fateful day, he received 2 bullet wounds to his head and how 2 of his brother Marines extracted him under fire to safety.

Colonel Hussey (Army), who began his military career with 3 years in the Marine Corps, described how Eddie’s mom and dad flew to Germany to say goodbye to their dying son. Eddie, however refused to oblige and has brought himself back. The Colonel went on to tell Eddie that this wasn’t really a retirement but rather, a new assignment, after all, once a Marine–always a Marine. Eddie’s new assignment is to educate our youth and citizenry about the love and sacrifice of today’s military in procuring for them the peace and prosperity they enjoy. Semper Fi!

A reception was held later at the Fallkirk Country Club outside Highland Mills. Attendees (100+) were treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch provided by Barry Fixler from the proceeds of his book, “Semper Cool.” The speeches given by the the many attendees emphasized the closeness of that band of brothers known as the USMC.

Not enough can be said about the love and dedication of Eddie’s parents, Chris and Angie Ryan, and the brigade of groups and individuals that helped to make his recovery possible.  Semper Fi, Marine!

Many more pictures here!

Here, Eddie is presented with a replica sniper rifle:

Media report here.

Eddie is also mentioned in the first part of this news video.


If you read only one book on the military this year, Front Toward Enemy is the one to choose.

For the past two years that I have been involved with the Patriot Guard Riders’ escort of Gold Star families to Snowball Express, I have seen this young woman and her four young sons participating.  This year was different.  I wanted to contact her to let her know I had a photo of her and her sons with Santa from the American Airlines breakfast.  After a little research I found her name, and then a whole new door opened.

I discovered she had written a book which revealed the circumstances of her husband’s death, not at the hands of the enemy as so many others have, but at the hands of an American soldier.  I vaguely remembered the incident a few years back when two officers were killed by detonation of a claymore mine.  The last I had heard the case was underway and then… nothing.

Intrigued, I ordered the book to find out what happened.

A word to the wise.  Start this book in the morning on a day you are free.  A quick reader will finish it in a day or less.  Do Not start reading this book at night.  You will not be able to put it down and you will be on an emotional roller coaster throughout.

I never met Lt. Louis Allen, Barbara Allen’s husband, but I can assure you that he must have been one hell of a guy to have a woman so devoted to the pursuit of justice for him.  Ultimately that justice never came, but as you will read, it was through no lack of exertion on the part of his wife and Siobhan Esposito, the widow of Captain Phillip Esposito.

Fair warning.  This book is a gut wrenching look into the life of a Gold Star wife whose whole world has come crashing down around her only a few days after her husband arrived in Iraq.  Nothing can really prepare you for that.  Compounding that crisis is the fact that Lt. Allen was murdered by an American soldier, not a conventional enemy.

Barbara deftly chronicles her collapse into despair, the second tsunami of grief when she discovered the circumstances of Lou’s death, the genesis of her mission to seek justice for her husband, the drawn out circus of the military justice system, and the ultimate travesty of justice that ensued.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  It will leave you heart broken and filled with a formidable resolve to see justice done.

Barbara has a blog here, and a website here.

Mr and Mrs Claus were at the American Airlines terminal at JFK Airport to welcome our Gold Star families on their trip to Dallas, Texas, for the 2010 Snowball Express!

Santa also took the time to hear the Christmas wishes of the flight crew too!

The PGR escorted the families from the hotel to the airport and will greet them when they return.

More pictures here!

While we were at the airport we also had the honor to welcome home USMC LCpl Andrew McCleary from Afghanistan!

His mother and two sisters had driven down from Connecticut to meet him.  Some of our members were to escort him the the Connecticut border where he would be met by the CT PGR.

Here is an interview with Allen West just before his election.

This is a man who gets it.

Go West!


Last Sunday Code Pink and all the usual suspects staged a protest in support of the Wikileaks traitor Pvt. Bradley Manning.

Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive did several interviews with the media, here he is with the local CBS affiliate.

CNN aired interviews with both sides, leading with Suzy (Medea) Benjamin.  I laughed out loud when she mentioned “in the United States I know and love“.  The only reason she is in America is because Cuba threw her out when she complained that the Castros weren’t communist enough!

Newsy did an excellent video with background and other views:

Fred Peterson being interviewed

Uncle Jimbo of BlackFive being interviewed

Concrete Bob with his "Osama Loves Code Pink" sign

Toothless Dawg wrote an after action report on the national GOE website:

Well, it was pretty disorganized to begin with. Code pink and their affiliated communist retards said they were going to meet up at the Amtrak Station in the town of Quantico. I was sitting about 100′ from the amtrak station to monitor their arrival. Even saw one get a ticket from the MPs for some reason … maybe being entitled…

Others arrived in groups of 2 – 6, wearing their ‘arrest Bush’ and ‘Stop the war in Iran’ T-shirts. I swear I think I recognized some of them from when I faced them in the 60s … they still haven’t taken a bath or washed their clothes.

Read the rest here!

More here, here and here.

Gathering of Eagles
Action Alert

West Point Graduation 2010

What: Support Our Military Cadets and Their Families
When: Saturday, May 22nd, 7am to 1pm
Where: Highland Falls, NY, Memorial Park

The radical left protesters, who used to line the highway to West Point on graduation day with flag draped coffins to demoralize the families of our cadets, are planning a big comeback this year.

Unhappy that the president they helped elect is continuing military policies that were started under George W. Bush, they are trying to turn out large numbers to protest those policies under Barack Obama.  In December they turned out about 200 protesters including IVAW confessed rapist Mathis Chiroux.

The President will be present at West Point to address the graduates.
Please join us to stage a Support the Troops rally at Memorial Park and give the families of our young men and women a positive experience to remember as their sons and daughters embark upon their military careers.

The early start time is to avoid the traffic congestion of the families arriving to witness the graduation as well as provide us time to set up flags and signs to welcome them and express our support.

The After Action Report from the 2009 Graduation is here.

Erstwhile Conservative Icon Sean Hannity managed to screw a true hero in March.

UPDATE: Lt. Col. Labate asks for a cease fire on Sean Hannity!

Meet Lt. Col. Stephen Labate, U.S. Army Reserves, Iraq War Veteran and candidate for congress in New York’s 2nd Congressional District.

Labate, a staunch conservative, was the front runner, with strong Tea Party support, for the Republican nomination when Hannity stuck his foot into the middle of the process to suggest that his friend, John Gomez, would make an ideal candidate for that district.

Hannity admits that he had no idea of the situation on the ground or who was running before getting involved.  In effect he made a mockery of the title of his new book “Conservative Victory”.

The feckless Republican leaders, with visions of Sean Hannity fundraisers dancing in their heads, decided that they would select Hannity’s friend as their nominee.  Now the district is going to be convulsed with a needless primary because of Sean’s vanity.

We call upon other veterans to boycott any book signing appearances with Sean ‘Vanity’ Hannity for his disregard of the Tea Party Movement and his blind blundering into the affairs of his own congressional district.

While you’re at it, why not participate in the MoneyBomb for Lt. Col. LaBate!

More Hannity Shenanigans here.

The anti-America marxists showed up in DC again on Saturday to protest the War and make general nuisances of themselves.

The Silent Majority was there to cover the Eagles, the ‘fake’ Arlington the lefties erected and then the Code Red Tea Party rally and Medea Suzie Benjamin’s attempt to disrupt it!!

This Ain’t hell also covered the GOE, the ‘fake’ Arlington and the Code Red Rally here and here!

More Code Red Rally coverage here!

One of our old IVAW opponents has mounted an attempt to infiltrate the Republican Party as a ‘libertarian’ Republican and win the nomination for Representative from New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District.

Adam Kokesh appears to have bamboozled Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano into believing his trumped up credentials.

Here is Adam in his natural environment, conversing with Gael Murphy of Code Pink at a pro-Palestinian rally.

And a quote from the accompanying article:

Notice the pattern, here? Strong Sisters like Colonel Ann, Medea, Gael and Deserae, all of whom have traveled the worlds’ trouble spots, have time to motivate, encourage, and share with some of our best & brightest IVAW.

We have known that this ex-Marine is a dirtbag for a very long time.

Today Captain Larry Bailey the head of Gathering of Eagles, spoke about Kokesh on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show.

Podcast is here.

Michelle Malkin has more here!

The movie “The Hurt Locker” has been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar this year and the latest word is that the producer has been banned from attending the actual Oscar ceremony for denigrating other pictures that are up for the award.  Now comes word that the producers are being sued by an Army Master Sergeant, Jeffrey S. Sarver, who claims the movie’s central character is based on him.

But before the latest controvery I heard several radio newscasts mention that a Sgt. Ryan Gallucci is unhappy with the movie.

As part of monitoring the activities of IVAW and other anti-American groups we, along with other sites, do look for background information, where possible on those who claim to be military veterans to try and insure that imposters are not able to denigrate our troops.

I am very happy to report that Sgt Ryan Gallucci is NOT an imposter.  He is a genuine bonafide American patriot and hero.

Hailing from North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Ryan was activated and deployed during his sophomore year at the University of Rhode Island.  He and his unit spent months in 2003/4 on the Iraq/Iran border doing reconstruction and civil affairs assignments while living among the Iraq population.

He was interviewed in this radio sketch after his return.

And the University of Rhode Island has a story on him here.

So, we are happy to conclude that whether or not you agree with Ryan’s views on the “The Hurt Locker” he certainly has the experience to make them.

Thank you, Sgt. Gallucci, for your valuable service to our nation! Continue Reading »