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Prof. Dr. Vincent Courtillot gives the most important lecture on the solar origin of climate change and global warming yet.

The bottom line is that the variability of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is more than sufficient to cause whatever climate change we have witnessed.  Listen to the whole thing for an excellent education in climate and the dangers of pursuing what are considered heretical studies contrary to the Global Warning theocracy!

Hat tip:  Watts Up With That


Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano hosted a news conference on Monday, March 7th, in which he outlined changes he wants to see made in the existing county regulations to restrain protesters at military funerals.

Mr. Mangano was joined by Gold Star Family members, veterans, Patriot Guard Riders, Tea Party members  and others who support efforts to keep radical cults like the Westboro Baptist Church from piling insult and indignity on military families at the time of their greatest vulnerability.

Press coverage here, here and here.

More pictures here.

This is one of the reasons we support Allen West, retired Lt. Col., U.S. Army and now Congressman from Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.

We expect that he will be going places in the future!

Update: Fox News talks to Congressman West about his CAIR smackdown!

Our friend, Lt. Col Allen West, defended his statements in his Tea Party speech of 2009 on Fox News this morning:

This is his original speech which was ad hoc.  He was asked to fill in until a scheduled speaker could arrive.  As you can see, he stole the show with a moving call to patriotism.

Allen was just elected to Congress from Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.

The liberals are so frightened of him that they are already targeting him for a re-election challenge in 2012!

Go West!!



If you read only one book on the military this year, Front Toward Enemy is the one to choose.

For the past two years that I have been involved with the Patriot Guard Riders’ escort of Gold Star families to Snowball Express, I have seen this young woman and her four young sons participating.  This year was different.  I wanted to contact her to let her know I had a photo of her and her sons with Santa from the American Airlines breakfast.  After a little research I found her name, and then a whole new door opened.

I discovered she had written a book which revealed the circumstances of her husband’s death, not at the hands of the enemy as so many others have, but at the hands of an American soldier.  I vaguely remembered the incident a few years back when two officers were killed by detonation of a claymore mine.  The last I had heard the case was underway and then… nothing.

Intrigued, I ordered the book to find out what happened.

A word to the wise.  Start this book in the morning on a day you are free.  A quick reader will finish it in a day or less.  Do Not start reading this book at night.  You will not be able to put it down and you will be on an emotional roller coaster throughout.

I never met Lt. Louis Allen, Barbara Allen’s husband, but I can assure you that he must have been one hell of a guy to have a woman so devoted to the pursuit of justice for him.  Ultimately that justice never came, but as you will read, it was through no lack of exertion on the part of his wife and Siobhan Esposito, the widow of Captain Phillip Esposito.

Fair warning.  This book is a gut wrenching look into the life of a Gold Star wife whose whole world has come crashing down around her only a few days after her husband arrived in Iraq.  Nothing can really prepare you for that.  Compounding that crisis is the fact that Lt. Allen was murdered by an American soldier, not a conventional enemy.

Barbara deftly chronicles her collapse into despair, the second tsunami of grief when she discovered the circumstances of Lou’s death, the genesis of her mission to seek justice for her husband, the drawn out circus of the military justice system, and the ultimate travesty of justice that ensued.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  It will leave you heart broken and filled with a formidable resolve to see justice done.

Barbara has a blog here, and a website here.


The Silent Majority has an excellent review from the private screening of the documentary “Chosin”.

Read all about it here!

The Transportation Security Administration has made a mockery of air security.  So much so that one young lady (Corinne) decided that rather than go through the body scanner or be groped by latex gloved clowns she would wear a bikini when she travels.

Here is her complete interview:

Is this what political correctness has forced upon America?  Will Grandma have to wear a thong, Grandpa a speedo just so the TSA can avoid profiling to concentrate on those most likely to be terrorists?

When will grownups take charge of this country again?

How much worse will it get when the TSA unionizes?

More TSA buffoonery here!

And in case you thought the speedo reference was an exaggeration:

The PBS firing of Juan Williams for his comments about his personal feelings when he sees someone in traditional Islamic attire on an airline reveals the worst of the fascistic tendencies of liberalism.

Here is video of Megyn Kelly’s interview of a CAIR representative:

And here is Juan Williams’ Talking Points Memo statement regarding the incident and the intolerance of the left:

He is right on all counts.

More here, here and here.

Christopher Coates, the Department of Justice lawyer who was head of the voting rights division, reveals just about everything having to do with the bias in the Justice Department against treating all races equally under the law.

Here is his full testimony before the United States Commission on Human Rights.

This is the background behind the dismissal of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party which the Department had already won, but which was dismissed on orders from the top levels of the Justice Department.

For full background on the crimes and the coverup follow these links:

Barack Obama Supporters take a page from Raila Odinga’s Playbook

Barack Obama: Racist in Chief – Updated 8/02/09

Naturally the media is not reporting this.

Big Government asks “Which Malik Shabazz visited the White House?”

More coverage of today’s proceedings at Gateway PunditHe also notes the Missouri Connection!

Michelle Malkin covered today’s events here.

Actually the Los Angeles Times has a short report.

More at HillBuzz.

In the sleepy hamlet of Granville, NY, in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains, adjoining the border of Vermont, history and a commitment are being honored.

The Village has issued an invitation to the rededication of the Veterans Clock which has been restored after it ceased to function 25 years ago.

Saturday, September 18th, 5pm, Corner of Main and North Streets.

The original clock on that site was attached to the Granville National Bank Building which was erected in 1875.  On November 30, 1942, the old bank building was destroyed in a fire and the clock destroyed.

On January 7, 1943, a letter to the Editor, written by Malcolm F. Kelley, was published which proposed replacing the clock with a new one which would commemorate the men serving in World War II.

In March the American Legion secured permission from the Washington County National Bank to mount a new electric clock on the corner of their building.

The clock is to bear an appropriate inscription as a memorial to the boys who are now fighting America’s battles in defense of democracy

Fundraising for the clock began in May, 1943, starting with a Tag Sale.

The contest for the inscription was also proceeding rapidly.

The townspeople were generous with donations.

The Fire Department planned a carnival for July 3rd, which was hugely successful and pushed the project over the funding goal line.

In the weeks following, the inscription was chosen, the clock was ordered, and preparations for the dedication were made.

On Sunday, September 26, 1943, the veterans clock, one of the first memorials to the troops fighting in World War II was dedicated.

For 40+ years the bronze clock with its stained glass clock face and inscriptions steadily chimed every quarter hour, rain, snow or shine.  Two generations grew up in Granville to the reassuring certainty of the clock.

Then, twenty five years ago, it fell silent.  The bronze hands, long the standards for punctuality, stood motionless.  The chimes, those melodious beacons, which proclaimed the march of time throughout the center of town, rang no more.

And so it sat, forlorn, a mockery of its own inscription, “Lest We Forget”. Continue Reading »