Six Years After – Iraq War Editorial


On the sixth anniversary of the Iraq conflict we have the following editorial written by our Dutchess County Coordinator Dennis Maloney which was printed today in the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Drubbing of thugs, tyrants worth the cost

Editor’s note: Dennis Maloney, the Dutchess County coordinator for Gathering of Eagles, was asked to write about his opinions on the Iraq war.

Was it a good thing America led the removal of Saddam Hussein?

Based on the actions of Saddam in the run-up to the war, any number of them, from genocide to menacing other nations and not abiding by the terms of the cease-fire, were enough to warrant his removal. No linkage with al-Qaida was necessary.

Tactically, were any mistakes made?

You bet! The Iraq army was disbanded too quickly. After the slashing the military budget suffered during the Clinton years, a more timely inventory of necessary equipment should have been made. More troops should have been deployed earlier in the reconstruction. However, compared to mistakes made in prior wars, these were small.

Strategically, our presence in Iraq was a master stroke in the war on terror. Osama bin Laden knows the only way to defeat America is not through direct confrontation of national armies but rather through a “statelessism” that gives his state supporters room for deniability and provides him with greater flexibility of movement.

America, turning Iraq into a democracy, the antithesis of radical Islam, right in the heart of the Muslim world, was unacceptable. So the allies were able to draw al-Qaida out from the area most advantageous for it to Iraq which was most advantageous for us.

Al-Qaida lost big. It no longer has the power in the Muslim world that it had. It is now trying to re-establish itself in Afghanistan.


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