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Welcome Home SPC Dickinson

Yesterday the Gathering of Eagles and the Patriot Guard Riders had the opportunity to welcome home one of our heroes!  SPC Ryan Dickinson, of Ronkonkoma, Long Island, flew home with his wife and family after completion of his fifteen month tour of duty in Iraq.

Ryan and his family were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and affection they received from friends, family and troop supporters at the airport.

It was a great day.

Newsday Story hereNewsday video here.

Pictures here.

Short video here.  Airport Welcome.

The Tea Party fever spread to Rochester, NY, yesterday!


My friend, the Rochester Veteran, and a crew of dedicated patriots staged a tea party which captured the attentions of the local press as they dumped tea into the Genesee River and marched on a Town Hall meeting which featured Governor Patterson.

Read the after action report here.

Pictures are here, courtesy of Chuck Simmins of the America’s North Shore Journal.

A media report with video is here.

Another report is here.

Gotta love this poster!


Do You Remember?

The planners of the attacks of 911 are in our hands.

What are we going to do about it?

Read the whole thing.

Ever go on a long road trip where you go batty waiting for the scenery to change?  Music always helps.  Here’s how the War in Iraq was won.  Enjoy!

h/t to CJ for the link


Join concerned patriots for a tea party protest over the runaway debt being imposed on ourselves and future generations to fund pork barrel projects that will do nothing to solve the economic crisis.

Rochester NY

Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 4:30 – 6:00

Locstion:  Meet at Lawyers Co-op Park (next to the Southwest corner of the Main St. Bridge)
Race Street and Graves Street

NY Gov. Paterson is going to be at the Rochester Convention Center for a “Town Meeting” at 5:30pm that day. The Rochester Tea Party will be used to address two issues, the expansion of Federal Government with the pork and socialism that the Porkulus Package brings and to address Gov. Paterson’s budget that includes over 80 new taxes and fees, including the controversial “Fat Tax”. We’ll rally at the Park from 5-5:30pm or so, expressing our outrage with the Porkulus Package. Then we’ll do a slow march across the Main St. Bridge towards the Rochester Convention Center, stopping in the middle to peform a ceremonial tea dump into the Genesee River. We’ll then proceed to just to the side of the entrance of the Convention Center and voice our displeasure with Gov. Paterson’s budget.

Pass this word around to every person or group that might be able to attend.
Check these sites for late developments: