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In Buffalo

Lot’s of New York State resentment here.

The Buffalo News reports.

The Buffalo Bean

Albany’s Insanity –Tea Party Highlights

Albany’s Insanity –Rus Thompson Speech & Links to other reports

In Stamford Connecticut

Good chants of Dump Dodd!

Here’s some pictures from Jenny Bea!

The Stamford Advocate

And from around the nation a recap by Michelle Malkin.

Go get ’em Patriots!!

AAR Poughkeepsie 3-29-09

It was a beautiful day in Poughkeepsie.


Sun shining, Patriots chanting, Cars honking in support.

Moobats disturbed (now there is an oxymoron for you).

The only thing missing was Pete Seeger.  We had some marching cadences for the old commie that we had written especially for the occasion, but he went AWOL.  Go figure.  He must have heard that the downstate crew were coming today.

The Dutchess County patriots were at their best!  It was great to stand with them again!

For Pamela’s pictures go here.

Pictures of the Pete Seeger moonbat brigade are here.