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The Moonbats were at it again today at the Times Square Recruiter Station.

Matthis Chiroux the local IVAW loser was there with his admiring fans.

Our guys kept them away from the door for most of the time.

They will be back Thursday evening for another round.

read the whole report with pictures and video here.


The Barack Obama administration has proposed that soldiers’ private health insurance cover service related injuries.  This attempts to shift the responsibility for paying for their care from the Veterans Administration to the private sector.  Not only is that absurd on the face of it, but it would entangle wounded warriors with having to deal with health insurance companies at a time when they are least able to.  When the United States sends its sons and daughters off to war it assumes the responsibility of caring for them if they are injured in that service.  To try and weasel out of that responsibility to save a few dollars is typical of an administration which is willing to spend billions on every left wing pork barrel project and cause they can conceive of, but is unwilling to provide the care our warriors deserve.

Even Comedy Central says this can’t be right:

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