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Mr and Mrs Claus were at the American Airlines terminal at JFK Airport to welcome our Gold Star families on their trip to Dallas, Texas, for the 2010 Snowball Express!

Santa also took the time to hear the Christmas wishes of the flight crew too!

The PGR escorted the families from the hotel to the airport and will greet them when they return.

More pictures here!

While we were at the airport we also had the honor to welcome home USMC LCpl Andrew McCleary from Afghanistan!

His mother and two sisters had driven down from Connecticut to meet him.  Some of our members were to escort him the the Connecticut border where he would be met by the CT PGR.

Here is an interview with Allen West just before his election.

This is a man who gets it.

Go West!


On Sunday, October 10, 2010, the Patriot Guard Riders joined the Fire Family Transport Foundation and Marine families to welcome home members of the 4th Marine Logistics Group, 6th Communications Battalion (4th MLG 6th Comm) at LaGuardia Airport after their tour of duty in Afghanistan!

The bikes were lined up outside the terminal:

This was the scene as the Marines were escorted through the terminal!

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Last Sunday Code Pink and all the usual suspects staged a protest in support of the Wikileaks traitor Pvt. Bradley Manning.

Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive did several interviews with the media, here he is with the local CBS affiliate.

CNN aired interviews with both sides, leading with Suzy (Medea) Benjamin.  I laughed out loud when she mentioned “in the United States I know and love“.  The only reason she is in America is because Cuba threw her out when she complained that the Castros weren’t communist enough!

Newsy did an excellent video with background and other views:

Fred Peterson being interviewed

Uncle Jimbo of BlackFive being interviewed

Concrete Bob with his "Osama Loves Code Pink" sign

Toothless Dawg wrote an after action report on the national GOE website:

Well, it was pretty disorganized to begin with. Code pink and their affiliated communist retards said they were going to meet up at the Amtrak Station in the town of Quantico. I was sitting about 100′ from the amtrak station to monitor their arrival. Even saw one get a ticket from the MPs for some reason … maybe being entitled…

Others arrived in groups of 2 – 6, wearing their ‘arrest Bush’ and ‘Stop the war in Iran’ T-shirts. I swear I think I recognized some of them from when I faced them in the 60s … they still haven’t taken a bath or washed their clothes.

Read the rest here!

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Yesterday was a great day for New York and for America!

A man who is unafraid to take on seemingly impossible missions against daunting odds and achieve victory has been selected by the Republican Party of New York to run against the rock of statism in our congressional delegation, Chuck Schumer.

The story of yesterdays victory would fill its own book, but the similarities to the Afghanistan campaign of 2001/2002 are striking.

In Afghanistan Gary Berntsen (pronounced BURNT ZEN) worked with the Northern Alliance to outmaneuver and defeat in detail the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  Rallying a demoralized group, whose leader had been assassinated by suicide bombers just days before the 9/11 attacks, and facing seemingly insurmountable logistical and terrain problems, the men who went in improvised and adapted.  Vehicles and supply convoys were out and horses and pack animals were in.

Tactics were developed to integrate the oldest and newest of military technology to achieve advantage over, and defeat of, the opposition.

The campaign was a weird combination of space-age gadgetry (cell phones, GPS, laser targeting, aircraft and satellites, advanced comm gear and weapons) meshed with medieval combat (men on horseback, cavalry charges, hand-to-hand butchery, clanish rivalries, and primitive infrastructure). The role of horses was central since there was no other transportation for the tasks as hand. Failure to adapt to horseback would have doomed the effort, so adapt they did, though painfully since few of the SOG soldiers were horsemen.

The efforts of these men over a numerically superior enemy is the stuff of legends.

Fast forward to New York.

By 2008 Gary Berntsen had returned home to Long Island, written books, particularly Jawbreaker about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, and started a security consulting firm.  He was called upon to lead the Vets for McCain during the presidential campaign.  He answered that call and began traveling around NY State to rally support for the Senator.  Although those efforts were unable to overcome the tide of disaffection and ambivalence regarding the Senator, Gary made many contacts in the veteran community which would become useful later.  With the election over, Gary returned to his business and became a frequent national security commentator for the media.  His security projects included means of detecting and/or mitigating the dangers of IEDs to our troops which required several trips back to the front lines.

His intense interest in the IED problem is not without self-interest, his son and daughter are both in the military and his son is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  He remains committed to victory in the War on Terror. Continue Reading »

Gathering of Eagles
Action Alert

West Point Graduation 2010

What: Support Our Military Cadets and Their Families
When: Saturday, May 22nd, 7am to 1pm
Where: Highland Falls, NY, Memorial Park

The radical left protesters, who used to line the highway to West Point on graduation day with flag draped coffins to demoralize the families of our cadets, are planning a big comeback this year.

Unhappy that the president they helped elect is continuing military policies that were started under George W. Bush, they are trying to turn out large numbers to protest those policies under Barack Obama.  In December they turned out about 200 protesters including IVAW confessed rapist Mathis Chiroux.

The President will be present at West Point to address the graduates.
Please join us to stage a Support the Troops rally at Memorial Park and give the families of our young men and women a positive experience to remember as their sons and daughters embark upon their military careers.

The early start time is to avoid the traffic congestion of the families arriving to witness the graduation as well as provide us time to set up flags and signs to welcome them and express our support.

The After Action Report from the 2009 Graduation is here.

We were proud to stand with our Patriot Guard Riders family in memory of Army Ranger Sgt. Jason A. Santora last night.

Sgt. Santora and Sgt. Ronald A. Kubik, of New Jersey, were both killed in action in Afghanistan.  Sgt. Santora was on his fourth deployment in support of the War on Terror.  ShadowSpear has more.

The Patriot Guard Riders have been involved in every phase of this memorial, from escorting the remains of Sgt. Santora from Dover, Delaware, to Long Island, to standing in his honor during memorial services, to escorting him to his final resting place at Calverton National Cemetery.

Among the many memorable moments during this mission were the personal thanks given to each PGR member by Sgt. Santora’s mother, Theresa Santora, and spontaneous expressions of grief by passersby:

Mrs. Santora thanked us for honoring her son.  We think her son honored us and we are merely returning the sentiment.

God Bless the brave men and women of our armed forces.

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The anti-America marxists showed up in DC again on Saturday to protest the War and make general nuisances of themselves.

The Silent Majority was there to cover the Eagles, the ‘fake’ Arlington the lefties erected and then the Code Red Tea Party rally and Medea Suzie Benjamin’s attempt to disrupt it!!

This Ain’t hell also covered the GOE, the ‘fake’ Arlington and the Code Red Rally here and here!

More Code Red Rally coverage here!

We have always heard that RAF pilots were a tough breed, but this account is nearly unbelievable!

An RAF Flight Lieutenant, Ian Fortune, (was his middle name Good? ..ed.) was shot between the eyes when his Chinook helicopter, similar to the one pictured above, came under heavy fire while he was lifting off on a casualty evacuation flight from a besieged base in Afghanistan.  Bleeding profusely, he managed to maintain control over his damaged aircraft and pilot it and it’s cargo of wounded safely to a nearby base.

Besides the casualties, the helicopter also carried British TV presenter Mike Brewer whose team was shooting footage in the war zone.

Jolly Good Show, Ian!

Read more about the story here and here.

Hat tip: Rantburg

Don Surber has more and another photo of Ian.

Updated 10-15-10:

Video of the flight!

Hat tip:  This Ain’t Hell


Dean Murray, Blue Star Dad from Patchogue, NY, won the special election for New York State’s Assembly District 3!

Here’s the video of his Fox News appearance:

Dean’s son, Tony, is serving as an A10 Warthog crew chief in Afghanistan!

Read the whole story here!


Dean was sworn into office in Albany on Monday, 2/22!

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