Lt Col Allen West Wins Big in Florida!


Here is part of his victory speech!

His message to President Obama:

If you want to pick a fight with a U.S. Army paratrooper, Bring it on!

More of his speech can be found here!

Pamela Geller, a long time West supporter, has a link to a version of the full speech here.

Press coverage here.

I would not be ashamed to see this man as a presidential candidate.

He was interviewed by Fox News this morning!

  1. nyceagled

    For me, Lt Col West’s victory was the high point of last nights mid term news. As a New Yorker, I could not volunteer for him but I have donated to his campaign. Thank you much for the coverage of his victory speech and… GO WEST!!!

    David R

  2. licrimlawyer

    One of the old sayings on Capitol Hill is that a congressman, especially a new congressman, should “go along to get along.” The implication is that one who bucks the establishment, a rebel, will have difficulty getting legislation to the floor, never mind about getting it passed.

    I have yet to meet Allen West [some friends of mine are also friends of his] but, from what I know about him, he’s not going to “go along.” If the Republican leadership tries to emulate the Democrats, and shove legislation down the throat of the American people, Congressman West is going to raise holy hell. Moreover, since he will be one of only two African American congressman in the majority party, the media will probably give him a national platform. It’s going to be quite a show.

    One final thought. The left wing, and their enablers in the media, have put forth a narrative in which black people are oppressed by us white folk. That is why they vote in huge numbers for the Democrats, the so called “party of the people.” At least that is the left wing narrative. [If a black person expresses a preference for conservative views and conservative values, the left will claim that they are mentally ill. E.g. Janeane Garofalo claiming that black Republicans suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.]

    How are they going to deal with Allen West? He is an intelligent, articulate, man who will ream them a new anal aperture if they start claiming that he is misguided, or whatever. [If Chris Matthews tries to pull some crap with Allen he will, again, feel something going down his leg. But, this time it will be because Chris will have lost control of his bladder.] This is going to be fun to watch.

  3. I lovvvvve West. I can see muskets & bayonets from my house. Obama packing his bags & getting out of dodge cuz West is headed to DC.

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