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Patriots took the Tea Party to the major media outlets in New York City today!


CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Fox and ABC all got visits!

The police were great!  Accommodating, joking about joining us, stopping traffic on Avenue of the Americas for us to cross, everything you could ask for!  Seems like they know who the real problem is too!


Just a few of the great signs!







Passersby and Tourists were cheering us on!  At one point we were joined by six young men from Chicago and two more from Massachusetts who saw the Gadsden flags!

The downpours which had been threatened in weather reports never arrived and the show went on without delay!

My pictures are here!

More great pictures here!

Even more here!

Only Fox got a positive reception!

Not so for ABC!

Jammie Wearing Fool reported on the lack of media reporting on the media protests.

Other protests in New York State:

Albany Pictures


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